Monochrome and Courage

In these two drawings, I’ve tried to broaden my capacity in drawing by attempting to sketch a realistic portrait and shade using a compressed charcoal.

I’ve had my compressed charcoals wrapped in their box ever since I received them as a gift on the Christmas of 2013. I have never attempted drawing a realistic person before. I mean, sure, I’ve messed up with some of my friends and drew them like memes but I have never took the act seriously. That is, until the summer of 2014.

I was listening to one of my sister’s music when my attention was caught by this album.

51FqI+KlN6L._SS280     download (1)

The hair of the artist, ZZ Ward, in this picture somehow captured my attention. I suddenly had this urge to draw her but a part of me was nervous and afraid that I would only mess it up. And in the internal conflict brewing inside my mind, my urge to draw her (particularly her hair) won. I was stepping into a new area, someplace I’ve only laughed off in the past. However, my hands and eyes were still used in drawing anime/cartoons and somewhere in the process of drawing her, I veered off and concentrated more in her beautiful curls. I couldn’t blame myself. In fact, I mentally patted my own back for having the guts to try. And I was happy with my output as a whole. Drawing Arya Stark was peculiarly as similar and as different at the same time. I still have that nagging fear that I won’t be able to do it right. But in the end I’ve had my first best realistic portrait.

girl_in_hat_by_blardyblardy123-d7i1dwj       arya_stark_by_blardyblardy123-d7lm2ws

It’s completely natural for us to be afraid of trying new things. Whenever we get out of our comfort zone, we are hesitant on making our moves. We try not to take risks and would rather look for an easier way through. But here’s the thing, we will never grow and develop if we merely stay where we are currently standing. We need to take a leap and plunge into the dangers of the unknown in order for us to enhance our skills and capabilities.

And for that, we need to be courageous enough.

I tell you this: No matter how easy personal development e-books or the media makes it sound or look like, it is not easy to get out of your comfort zone. And for those of you who has the guts and courage to do so, don’t hesitate on giving yourselves a pat on the back–you deserved it.

For more information about this little project of mine, see here.


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