My Ultimate Teen Fiction Novel (Not a review…or maybe it is)

I’d better mention this beforehand since I’d probably have a lot of things to blabber about, book-related or otherwise, that would have something to do with my UTFN (lame acronym, I know).

Before, I had no qualms on reading a teen fiction book. Really. But then Wattpad popularized and a huge swarm of romance teen-fiction novels spread out like an epidemic disease. Not one of the books I’ve read during that time strayed away from the generic romance teen fiction format enough for them to capture my attention or stand out among the others that I’ve read.

Even before the said popularization of romance teen fiction, I’ve already fallen in love with Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins which I’ve read by borrowing a friend’s book. The story of Anna’s struggle in the mixed complications of her love life and friendship towards Etienne St. Clair–in the City of Love, no less–appealed to me in more ways than one. I love Anna’s voice and the way Perkins narrated the story in Anna’s perspective. Every one of the characters had that certain depth that makes you want to be a part of their gang.

But it’s not just that for me. To me, it holds a very personal relation as I had gone through somewhat the same emotional conflicts as Anna have. The feelings brought out of me by this novel were and are still too profound. Its effects will always be of a strong degree.

I believe that the connection between the reader and the book goes deeper than just being able to relate to the novel. We all have our own certain way of translating the story into an emotional language. One that we could understand through deeming them similar to what we have experienced and applying what we felt on those experiences.

Anna and the French Kiss is that kind of book for me. And it will always be that kind of book to me even if Stephanie Perkins’s other works weren’t as astounding as this novel was.

This novel holds the bar to which all other teen-fiction romance novels are measured. And I don’t mean the brilliantly structured story but rather the feelings that comes out to me when I read them.


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