Book Review: Love Beyond Words by Emma Scott

I thought that I’ve finally found my Ultimate Non-Teen Fiction Romance Novel, something in level with Anna and the French Kiss with this story but through the latter half…it just wasn’t. So near, though. But anyway, here’s what I think of this novel.

After the emotional scars left by the deaths of her parents, Natalie Hewitt has lived an introverted life taking college classes during the day and a cafe barista by night. She loses herself to the works of world-famous and reclusive writer Rafael Love Beyon Words by Emma Scott
Melendez Mendón to numb the pain and grief. She took refuge to his words; his stories and characters are better company to her than anyone in the real life. Then, Julian Kovač entered to the coffee shop one summer evening and Natalie feels an instant connection. But Julian has a secret equally wonderful to Natalie and the one that could ruin everything for them.

Love Beyond Words is one of those stories that makes you feel the emotions gradually and slowly. It was wonderfully slow-paced. The romance was like developing photographs–careful and gentle. And to me, witnessing Natalie and Julian’s shy and awkward moments was like sipping your last tea or finishing your sundae a spoonful at a time. I savored it. I loved it until all I had to eat was the cherry. There were parts of the story that was predictable but you feel engaged by the the writer’s narrative. Her writing was smooth and the dialogues were catchy.

Each characters have depth and were relatable. Natalie with her introverted self and love for books. She was coping up by getting lost in a world that was not hers and I completely understood that. I love Julian and his complications and his way of words, his compassion despite being a reclusive writer. Marshall and Liberty were the main comic relief of the story. Even David and his mischievous acts that were blinded by his passion towards his boss was not someone I could hate.

The sex scenes were definitely not too modest nor they were too steamy enough and I had no problem with that. My  problem with them was how it completely replaced those cute moments in the cafe. Though that just shows how their relationship matured and developed, it would have been nice if similar moments existed through the latter part of the story. But then, of course there was the suspense which made the story more exciting and thrilling.

As I mentioned earlier, it nearly became the non-teen equivalent of Anna and the French Kiss to me but fell short through the latter half of the story. It’s not just because of those warm and fuzzy moments that started to fade throughout the later part but because the climactic part of their romance did not give a significantly huge impact on me.

Overall, the novel is engaging and Emma Scott has woven a tightly wondrous story filled of fully developed and compelling characters and telling us of the things people do in the name of love and that clearly reflects on this novel’s title.



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