Being a Bookworm

Note: This is an article I’ve published in TasteTablet, of which I’m a new user.

I still remember the first time I’ve read a softbound more-than-30-pages book. I had been a very competitive person when I was young. An overachiever, if I do say so myself. And the person I treated as my greatest rival was my sister. It’s just like any other younger sister following the steps of her older sibling–literally. The only difference is that there was an intense competitive aura with one of the siblings (that’s me) while the other one was completely clueless about it.

One day, when we got home, I noticed my sister holding a strange book. She was in second grade and I was in first. Not her school books. It was a novel she borrowed form the library, although I forgot which novel it was. She showed off the book and her very own library card to the family. Our aunts and uncle were encouraging her to read. It’s a healthy hobby, they say, and it widens your vocabulary in English. I suddenly wanted to have one. So the next day, I bought a library card and borrowed my first book. It was Heidi by Johanna Spyri. A few pages on the book and I was hooked! I could imagine Heidi and her grandfather living a simple life in the mountains. I guess even before that, I was fascinated with stories. Before Heidi, I read 12-pages Disney princess story books and we have this huge Grimms’ Fairy Tales book that was too heavy for my tiny arms. But reading Heidi opened the door for me to novels. I was so happy when I reached page 70. For the seven-year-old me, it was a huge achievement. I’ve never finished Heidi, though, for reasons I seem to have forgotten. I haven’t read the story ever since, either. Not even now…

See the entire article here. And while you’re at it, check out the site. It’s kinda like a Pinterest for original contents. 🙂


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