Book Review: Unbreakable by Emma Scott

Note: This ARC copy was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. Also, this is the book I was talking about here (see: 7th paragraph)

I was so excited about reading this novel and sharing my reviews about it! So excited that I finished reading in less than 24 hours…but it took me three days to remember to make a review. One must not underestimate the power of sitcoms, you know. I’ve learned that the hard way and look at me now. A hole in my heart and I’m getting impatient for Thursday to come. But anyway, the great thing about finishing the recent episodes is that now I remember that I have a book to review.

Unbreakable tells the story of Alex Gardener and Cory Bishop. Both needed and wanted something. Alex is a litigation attorney who surrounded herself with comfort, predictability and security but was looking for passion, real and fiery. Cory is a struggling man making ends meet and fighting for the custody of his beloved daughter. Everything changed for the two of them when they were both tangled in a bank robbery turned hostage crisis. They find comfort and safety with each other. And somehow, it didn’t end in the robbery.

To be honest, I expected that the second City Lights novel will be slightly similar with the first one: a little bit of sweet pure romance, a little spice, a little thrills. But it wasn’t anything like Love Beyond Words at all. Where characters in the first book were sweet and entirely delightful to see interact, the characters in Unbreakable were more mature. Through the perspectives and back stories provided by the two narrator, we see the environment they live in and how things developed throughout the story. Regarding the issue I’ve read about Alex’s actions after the robbery, I understand how she seemed to act all selfish and reckless but for me it was understandable. She was looking for passion and she found it in the form of the hunky construction man. Meanwhile, Cory was consistent through and through. He knows what he wants and is a character who would always live up to his integrity and principles. My favorite character, though, would be Lilah. She was a great friend to Alex and, in my opinion, the most sensible character in the novel.

I was slightly disappointed how there were this huge number of characters who were, in some ways, a tool to reach where the plot was heading. There wasn’t really anyone greatly significant other than Cory and Alex. Lilah came a close third. Even Alex’s fiance seemed to be bland and there wasn’t any depth with the characters at all.

Overall, the writing was smooth and the scenes, while slightly stretched at some points, were engaging. I particularly liked the part when Alex came to help Cory in the custody hearing. (If you could see me read Alex’s dialogue like some delusional actress practicing her lines as some lawyer. Oh god.) Even if it didn’t really cut it out with the first book for me, Unbreakable was a great read and a page-turner by its own rights.


See my review for the first book of the City Lights novel, Love Beyond Words, here. Oh and don’t worry this is a stand-alone novel so you don’t have to read the first one. Doesn’t stop me to recommend it to you do, though.


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