In My Playlist: Kodaline

Name: Kodaline
From: Swords, Dublin, Ireland
Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Folk Rock
Years Active: 2011-present
Label(s): RCA/B-Unique

Never have I been so happy to allow Auto-play in YouTube when I stumbled upon this band. I was watching Gabrielle Aplin’s Home music video for the enth time when I was directed to High Hopes by Kodaline. And I thought, “Hmm. That seemed okay.” So I shrugged and let it play. Not really listening to the song just appreciating it. It was playing while I was doing some other stuff.

Afterwards, One Day played. The moment the first verse hit, I was thrown to this wave of sadness and melancholy. I was tearing up. Heck, I wanted tears to fall and that was highly unlikely of me. It’s like being so full after eating and you are forcing yourself to burp. At that time, i just wanted to cry. I had no problem or some kind of crisis recently but it. Was. So. Sad! But at the same time, it was kind of an eye-opener in a sense that the song tells you there are better things to do than stand around and let your life wilt away by every second. That you can do something.

Their debut album, In A Perfect World, contained tracks that were featured in different TV shows and movies like The Vampire Diaries and Horns, which I haven’t watched completely despite having the copy for months now.

What I loved most about Kodaline is their deep lyrics, the wonderful harmony of their instrumental accompaniment and the soulful voice of their vocalist, Steve Garrigan. I think it’s great that this kind of music is being appreciated by the media and the entertainment because, in my opinion, this is a far better soundtrack for anything than mainstream pop.

Researching is a good way to be more knowledgeable! (Duh)
Learn more about the band here:

Kodaline website
In A Perfect World | iTunes

Or, you know, go consult ol’ Google or somethin’.


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