10 Characters that Sum Up The Tears I’ve Shed For Fiction

As I’ve said before, I’m an externally-tough-internally-mushy kind of person. In the world of food, I’m a cannoli (though I have yet to try this but I sure will someday). In the animal world, I’m a crab. Not to brag here but it’s really hard to breach past the hardened shell that I constantly wore for myself. So it’s very hard to make me shed a tear, much less make me bawl for a good hour.

A Japanese drama I watched when I was in 6th grade, One Liter of Tears, actually did made me bawl for an hour. With one episode. Cried, mind you, to the point that I got hiccups. I also cried at the ending and I cried again while watching the said episode on Youtube again years later. But I won’t be putting that here on the list since it’s based on a true story because, if you see the title, it says fiction. The same goes with Hachiko and these two made me cry the most.

So this list comprises of different fictional characters in fictional books/mangas/movies that have made me scrunch up my face and wail miserably. You could even say that I’m filling up my own liter of tears.

  1. Jesse Aarons in Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
    I don’t want to spoil the story for those who haven’t watched or read so I’ll just say that a terrible accident happened and the way the author wrote how Jesse felt at the time really moved my 5th grade self to tears. If I’m not mistaken that was the first time I cried reading a book.
  2. Soichiro Kurebayashi in Dengeki Daisy by Kyousuke Motomi
    This was the most recent one. I started reading the series out of boredom and got hooked and finished the entire series in a day. I was laughing my butt off the entire time until I read the extra story told on Riko’s perspective at a time when Soichiro was still alive–he was dead by the start of the series. Seeing him there say “I’m scared of dying.” really hit me hard and looking back in retrospect, I couldn’t believe the strong front he displayed in front of his sister and peers. It was heart breaking and I’m still not over it. Excuse me…
  3. Etienne St. Clair in Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
    A passage from the book. Because I refuse to put some random English celebrity as Etienne…no matter how good-looking he may be. He’s. Not. Etienne.  (source)

    (blows nose hard) Okay where were we? Oh right, Etienne. He would have been the love of my life if I didn’t root for him and Anna so much. I’ve already talked about this book on this blog for so many times and even more when I’m with one of my best friends who is also a huge fan of the novel. I’ve read this novel countless of times and I still tear up during Etienne’s vulnerable moments.

  4. Naka Kaburagi and Umi Kajiwara in Nosatsu Junkie by Ryouko Fukuyama
    Who would have thought that seeing two people finally get together will make you cry? Heck, these two haven’t even gotten married but I cried. Because when you see the struggle they have with their careers and the doubts of their supposedly “unrequited” love slowly resolve after 70 chapters, you cry. Also, the tears relieve some tiredness off your eyes.
  5. Nico di Angelo in House of Hades by Rick Riordan
    Never have I felt more connected to Nico than when he said what he said in front of Eros and Jason. He was miserable and lonely by himself. And I’m sure he’s one of the most adored character of the series.
  6. Kyle Kingsbury in Beastly by Alex Flinn
    Funny how Alex Flinn named her character after a retired professional mixed martial artist. I thought for a moment  while looking for images that the novel’s fandom wasn’t satisfied with Alex Pettyfer as Kyle.

    In the book, there was a moment of pure sadness when Kyle thought that Lindy will never look past his ugly physical appearance. It’s exactly what most of us feel and why we, most particularly women, painstakingly do our best to make our image pleasing. I could easily say that I wept for humanity but really I was just so sad for Kyle.

  7. Hazel Grace Lancaster (Alaska Young) in The Fault in Our Stars (Looking For Alaska) by John Green
    Why the parenthesis you, may ask? Well, if I could I wanted to transfer all the tears I’ve shed for Hazel to Alaska. Looking For Alaska was the most recent book (a year ago) of John Green that I’ve read and for me it was the best. Meanwhile, The Fault in Our Stars was the first. I cried nails for it but looking back, it wasn’t as good as Looking For Alaska.
  8. Yong-Goo in Miracle in Cell No. 7
    I doubt anyone could watch this movie and not weep. Or is there anyone out there? I was practically hiccuping before I even finished it. I needed to pause the movie and drink a glass of water. The movie was all light and cheerful until the death sentence came nearer and nearer.
  9. Neil Thomas Sr. in The Lost Valentine by James Michael Pratt
    I watched this exactly after Miracle in Cell No. 7  so my emotional fragility was no question. But I just can’t bear seeing good decent guys sacrifice themselves leaving their loved ones sad and miserable. “Why do good guys always get to killed?” is an annoying but common question among stories.
  10. Risa Koizumi in Lovely Complex by Aya Nakahara
    I get it. I’m not doing Risa justice. But see, I like her anyway. And so does Otani.

    To me, Risa is the Japanese version of Anna Oliphant in Anna and the French Kiss. I love this couple as much as I love Etienne and Anna so much that I forgot which story I read first. Risa experienced an unrequited love with her friend much like Anna did. The special thing about Risa, though, is how she made me cry in sadness and also from too much laughter.


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