Goals; Far-fetched or otherwise

Face it. You could call yourself realistic and go on and on about the harsh truths of life but deep inside, you know that you’re still hoping for your happily-ever-after…or that things will turn out okay, at the very least. Deep within your Squidward self, there’s at least a single Spongebob cell who wants to be happy and have a life full of rainbows.

Your Spongebob cell

At one point in your life, you might have been confident that everything will go accordingly to your plan and then it doesn’t. And it annoys you. Who won’t be annoyed, right? (No, Squidward. Don’t raise your hand.)

I’m not trying to be a Johnny rain cloud here covering your little sunshine of hope and drenching every optimistic thoughts in your brain. I’m pointing something out. Something that, in the very depths of our subconscious, we know is true: That you might be living in the most awful life in the history mankind and you accept whatever miserable things it throws at you. But at the end of the day, you just want to have something to look forward to–to tell you that a ray of light can pass through the crack of that thick opaque wall called “Your Life”.

Somehow, I feel like all the insightful prose and metaphors aforementioned is all wasted on another one of my rants. But anyway.

So many memes and trends in the Internet get crucially out of hand. (See:The Kylie Jenner Challenge) At one point, you get sick of all the rickrolling and the “Darude – Sandstorm”s although these two are still funny to me. One of the memes that is getting on my nerves recently is all these “Goals” memes.

Oy vey.
Okay, this one makes sense. Who doesn’t want to be sharks, albeit one made of cotton or polyester? Who?

The thing is, I couldn’t care less about some of the other goals posted because they’re inspiring and adorable. It’s all these other ones that are seriously unnecessary. Like, eating breakfast with your friends sitting on the table in cut off shorts and bra? That’s unhygienic and a waste of buying chairs. Or tying your beau’s necktie while you’re in your lace underwear? At least grab a robe. And don’t get me started in lying in the middle of the road with your friends. I’m not ready to be flattened by a Mack truck or even be a grilled steak through the heat from the concrete.

Nothing is wrong with hoping and wishing for a better life. We all want that. In very different forms, perhaps, but we all want that. And as my aunt says, “Dream big. It’s free.” It’s just that, to me, such ideals are too far-fetched and closer to Hollywood story lines than anything real.

There’s nothing wrong about dreaming big. Heck, I still hope to see a unicorn or get to meet people I really admire like Rick RIordan. But I still want to give myself the satisfaction of achieving something. Like graduating high school or finishing a set of works or (hopefully in four years) get my degree.

I highly believe in having a healthy balance on many things (though I’m still looking for that balance with my 60% meat-filled diet) and I believe those little things could serve as milestones in achieving the bigger goals. It’s these small goals that tell you, “It’s okay. You reach this point. You’re closer to the big one than before.”


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