The Eighty Percent of Our Life

Yesterday ended my second day as a second year in college. And in one of my classes, I regrettably made an acquaintance of an arrogant and self-centered know-it-all. May the odds be ever in my favor. But I won’t be talking about that person here. I want to talk about what he said.

He was asking me and a friend of mine about how we spent our summer. I was very honest, of course, saying that I spent the entire summer bumming out in front of the computer doing everything and nothing. Then, he went on about saying how he was doing this and that and went to this and that place. The conversation was exhausting all throughout and I just hope we won’t get so acquainted for the entire semester. But there was one thing that he said that stuck to my mind like a parasite.

After boasting (boasting, I tell you) about the many places and many events he went to, he said something in the lines of: “If you’re just staying in your house the entire summer, you miss a lot of what life has to offer you. And if you stay in your house the entire summer for all the summer in your life, you miss eighty percent of what life has to offer you.”

Quite a lot of your life, no?

For a moment, I was stunned and felt utterly inferior to him. The thought of missing that much in my life was mind-blowing and I felt small. For a moment. Then, after class and throughout the rest of the day, what he said remained in my mind like an itch that doesn’t go away so easily. And I realized something (as one always do when thinking).

Who was he to have the authority to say that? So what if I keep myself holed up in my room? I was doing an adventure of my own. Travelling to different places through books and movies. Meeting awesome people in the Internet, particularly in the blogging community. I met people who like to play and are good at playing Words With Friends from around the globe that I wouldn’t have met from where I came from. (No one likes Scrabble that much, here, sadly.)

We all have different ways of living our life. Travelling to different cities and attending shows is, by far, not a commonly ideal way to live life. Although, admittedly, it is nice. But there are those of us who likes routines and those who want to live each day arbitrarily. There are those who want to stay at home and those who don’t want to be kept in one place. How you live your life is not the business of others and not theirs to judge. Never let other people dictate what you should or should not do.

In my case, my life is like my blog. I get to do whatever I want with it because it’s mine. Maybe, in his eyes, I’ve lost eighty percent of my life. But to me, it’s all right here deep within my being and etched in my self. And if you love your life as it is like I do, so does your eighty percent.


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