Book Review: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

It has really been only a couple of months since I have first discovered the existence of Outlander. And I seriously don’t know where in the vast area of the Internet I first read about the book. Goodreads? Google? Probably 9gag? (Naw, don’t think so.) I don’t know.

What I do know is that I first found out about the book before I learned (roughly after a few hours worth of researching about the series) that it had a television adaptation. So I did not read the book because of the TV series. Heck, I made myself cease in watching the show, only to continue after finishing the book. I finished the book two days ago and I plan to continue on watching the freshman show later tonight or this weekend. So, anyway, let’s get on with the review.

The year is 1945. Claire Randall has just been back from the war as a combat nurse. Reunited with her husband after five years of separation, they were on their second honeymoon in Scotland when Claire stepped through a circle of standing stones and was catapulted back to 1743 Scotland. With her life threatened, she was forced to be wed by a gallant Scots warrior who shows her a love so absolute she becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire.

First off, I want to throw in my opinion regarding certain issues I’ve read on the reviews in Goodreads. I find people’s comparison of this book to 50 Shades of Grey completely unfair. For one thing, the books don’t have anything in common. We all know (by now, probably) that 50 Shades is a trilogy formed by the mind of one Snowqueens Icedragon as a fan fiction of Twilight. (And if you didn’t know that until now, I’ll give you 30 minutes to gasp and be shocked.) On the other hand, Outlander is simply wonderful and rich.

Another thing I’d like to comment is Ms. Gabaldon’s keenness to details and intricacies. You could definitely see the result of having multiple degrees in different sciences in the book. The herbs, the anatomy. To think that this book started out merely as a writing practice but was given so much attention and concentration is beyond amazing and I think this is why the book is so good.

The only problem that I had with the book was the length. However, the pace was fast and each page was more engaging than the other one that I did not notice how fast I have read and how long the book was until I realized that it was my second day reading the book and I was nearly halfway. The sex was incredibly steamy yet it was also intense and real and, at some times, a little brutal. The characters were lovable with Claire’s modern opinions, the eighteenth century Scots’ bluntness and Jamie…oh, Jamie is such a lovable character.

Overall, I love the book and it was enjoyable. It was rich and filled with histories. I praise the author’s extensive research regarding the book. Of course, I will definitely be following the series. Heck, I’m already in the second book and I can’t stop getting heartbroken whenever I think of Jamie. (No spoilers for you, person who hasn’t read the first book. Give this series a chance, I tell you. A chance.)



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