Why I Haven’t Rated Any Book 5 Stars Here (so far)

I’m currently looking at all the books in my Read shelf in Goodreads and it amazes me how much 5 stars I’ve given back in the day. Back then, if I seriously liked or loved the book 5 stars was an easy thing to give. Now? It’s not so easy. I feel as if I had the obligation to let other prospective readers know what to expect on the book–both the good and the bad. That’s why Goodreads exist, I think. There are people out there who rely heavily on how good the book is rated. For instance, my sister doesn’t just buy whatever promising thing she finds at bookstores. She opens her Goodreads app and her buying it or not depends on the rating of the book.

To me though, I quickly look for the 3-star or 2-star reviews. I have this feeling that they would be more open on pointing out where the book is lacking as compared to those who give 5 stars and are just like, “Oh my god! You have to read this. The guy is SO HOT and this is a wonderful story. I just love it!”

Not that I’m saying every single person giving out 5 stars are like this, okay? So chill. I actually feel the same with reading those 1-star reviews that are like, “UGH, It was even a miracle that I reached 37 pages with this book! This is a waste of my time.” I mean, how can one create a judgement already after reading 37 pages of a book?!

“Oh, really?”

Unless of course if the book was, say, 50 pages total, these things don’t help anyone else who plans on reading the book. At all. And it annoys me. But I quickly learned how subjective the rating system is. It’s just all about one’s personal opinions and judgement. And everyone has their own tastes. In the end, it really is up to you.

In my case, I have to give the book a chance and finish them. I rarely stop reading a book midway, even if I know how things would end up, because I feel as if it’s unfair to the book and the author who had put in so much effort. And as seldom as I stop reading midway, I also hardly give 5 stars nowadays (as seen on the book reviews I have in this blog). It’s not an issue of being too stingy, really. It’s just that my perspective has changed and I have read too many books to think that something fresh and new can completely move me.

Books that could connect to me in such a way that other books I’ve read haven’t might be a rare find. But I’m not giving up on finding them. I know they’re out there somewhere, just waiting for me to reach them. And you’ll know that I have found one because I’m giving it 5 stars.


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