10 Things That Sum Up How Weak I Am

No, no, no. This isn’t a post filled with self-deprecation. Nor is it a depressing post. It seems as if my blogging psyche is allergic to writing depressing posts anyway and would much prefer to try humorous stuff…or at the very least sarcastic. If you want depressing posts, you can go to Twitter for a 140-characters once-every-other-day depressing and colorfully worded tweets. *cue whatever advertising music there is and Jack Douglass‘s salesman voice* And while you’re there, why don’t you click that “Follow” button for a spell?

No, let’s get serious, everyone. I won’t be forcing you to follow. That’s your decision and it is your every right to have an option. *campaign manager’s voice* Vote Kate for President!

Okay, back to the topic at hand. This post is mainly about the things that I am too weak to resist–whether it’s emotional, physical or mental weakness. And believe me, I’m one tough girl with one tough wall most things and people can’t break down easily. (*snorts* Yeah, right. Listen to yourself, Kate. They already know you’re a puddle of melted mush.) Basically, these are the things that are the Colossal and Armored Titan to my Walls Maria and Rose,

  1. Sleep
     As they say, “Sleep is for the weak” and I wanted so much to just defend those who are constantly drowsy like me. It’s not as if we can help it. I have this tendency of sleeping inside a moving vehicle…hopefully, that will change if I ever get to have a car of my own.
  2. Weather
    It is somehow related to sleep. I feel like a cat–the right amount of warmth and coziness could make my eyes droopy within minutes but cold hard water is another story. I’ve never been a fan of cold weather and I wanted to hiss every rainy season. Not only for the mess the mud makes on my shoe or the my slightly wet pants sprinkled with drops of water but also because rain usually drops the temperature. And I had to retreat to my roll of blankets to survive.
  3. Deeply moving stories
    There was a time when I was just twelve-years-old and I decided to search for “sad short love stories”. I honestly don’t know which story it was that triggered the waterworks (it has been decades ago, anyway) but then every other story I’ve read afterwards just made the tears continue to fall until I had to use a worn cotton shirt to wipe the tears and blow my nose, and drink a few glasses of water.
  4. Death or suffering of a favorite fictional character
    I made a post of this. Check it out.
  5. Great muss of hair
    I’m one of those people who notices a stranger’s hair first above all else. My first physical impression on a person usually depends on his/her’s hairstyle. And a guy with a great tousled hair is just–*clutches heart*.
  6. Imperfection on skin
    I have this innate tendency to get bothered on things that shouldn’t be on the skin. It would’ve made want to become a dermatologist but I have never seen myself as a doctor. Probably the reason why I still have a few pimples on my face when most of my friends have moved on of their acne-face-phase is because of me constantly picking at them. There is a great life lesson here, folks, especially to younger teens out there: heed the advice of the Internet when your friends and family supports it.
  7. Being asked or talked by many people at the same time
    I don’t like it when people talk to me at the same time and I don’t know which one to respond first. It usually makes me lose my temper easily and I snap. It’s like a different kind of claustrophobic feeling. Not yet fully absorbing something someone says when another one talks about something else.
  8. Thick crowds

    The effort I give for this. Applause, anyone?
    The effort I give for this. Applause, anyone?

    It has something to do with being an introvert and also because I feel as if everyone is looking at me. And also because I like to have my personal space. It’s only when commuting that I tolerate being around thick crowds. You should have seen me when I decided to walk in a hallway at school and I did a U-turn and thought, “Nope”.

  9. Wit, sarcasm, and wonderfully structured words
    I want to say I’m sapiosexual but I don’t really get turned on by any intelligible remarks. I just really like words and they’re usually beautiful when used sarcastically or structured wonderfully. I like Word Porn on Facebook and back when I was in high school, me and one of my best friends (a fellow logophile) spends our free time reading Timeline Photos in the page. And every time we read something awesomely great (I particularly like, Christopher Poindexter) we’ll be slamming our hands like idiots and our classmates will just laugh at us.
  10. Stairs and Long Distant Places
    Jogging? I had that in my “The Things I’ll Do If I’ll Be Independent” plan. Not materializing yet. I love hanging out at the topmost part of the bleachers in our gym (because not much people hang out there) during my lunch break and I could never never climb all the way to the top without pausing to catch my breath first. It’s like a torturous obstacle before arriving to the sweet sweet paradise of isolation. And there’s one building in our campus where all of my classes are in the fourth floor–and the cursed building doesn’t have an elevator. There are moments when I think, “I should really get into cardio.” But the bigger, more mischievous part of me think, “Well, Kate. This is cardio. *wiggles eyebrows*”

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