Outside Their Grim-filled and Serious YA Works, Ransom and Tahereh are SO ADORABLE!

Known for their individual YA novels, Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi (whose first name, I only knew now, is actually pronounced as “Ta-ha-rah”)  are two of the leading front-liners of YA. Ransom’s New York Times Best Seller, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and Tahereh’s Shatter Me Trilogy are two of the most highly acclaimed YA novels of the decade. And both these authors’ novels held a grim and serious vibes to them. Miss Peregrine’s have tons of weird and vintage photographs while the Shatter Me Trilogy is somehow X-Men-ish and set in a dark and gruel dystopian world.

Personally, I’ve read the first books–and is currently reading the sequel to Shatter Me, thanks to a good friend of mine. They weren’t the most moving novels I’ve read, admittedly, but they were both two of the few most risk-taking ones. It’s only a year ago when I realized that Tahereh and Ransom were married and that really shocked me.

Wedding photo of Ransom and Tahereh. And can I just comment on how equally wonderful that color-arranged bookshelf is?

But what surprised me even more is how adorable they are on the Internet. They have a YouTube channel, ransom&tahereh, where they upload short but wonderfully cute videos. They were just so adorable! And let me tell you now, I hardly ship real-life couples (with the exception of the super couple, Brangelina) because I have this thought that maybe they’re only doing it for good PR. (I know, every novels with celebrities have influenced me on thinking so.)

But Ransom and Tahereh are just SO ADORABLE in real life!!! They currently have 4 videos uploaded in their channel all of which are filled with total adorable-ness. There was an interview of them that I found where they were asked if they would base a character to the other person. Ransom’s answer was, “You make fiction out of your life, but I wouldn’t encrypt Tahereh into one of my characters. I like her more in the real world.” to which Tahereh added, “He is so much more alive in real life than he would be in fiction. It would be impossible to contain him in just a few paragraphs.” And isn’t that just so sweet?

If you want to have diabetes from too much sweetness, like I do, here’s another one from their interview by jessethereader:

Too much mooshy!
Too much mooshy!

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