Discouraging marriage, machismo, and all this gender crap

It’s been 4 months since we moved to this quite peaceful neighborhood that we live now. I was about to arrive to an overall impression that, “Hmm, this place is okay.” Until I heard the first of many fights that our neighbors will have. Look, I’m not saying that our family is perfect–it’s far from it. My parents have the occasional fights every now and then. And even those were horrifying.

One morning, my sister and I were alone in the house and the neighbors started fighting. At one point, I thought, “If I ended up fighting that frequently with the person I will be married with, I’d rather not get married at all.” They were that discouraging. I think it’s a waste to spend your entire life that way. I wonder what’s keeping them together. Their children? Their vows? What’s the use, anyway, if they were going to act like that to each other almost every single day?

Then I heard furniture crashing and the husband shouting something about how the wife deserves to be treated that way and women should act like this way or that. My anger just fumed even more. Let me tell you now, I don’t consider myself a feminist (Rather, I am part misogynist, part misandrist, overall misanthrope. I am a great supporter of unicorns, though. I love unicorns.)

This too. I’m a HUGE supporter of this piece of perfection.

I simply don’t like the idea of “guys should do this and girls should do that” in general. Everyone should have a fair share of everything, whatever gender they may have. Like, guys have to clean the dishes, too. And girls have to be taught how to repair their own car. I live in a country where machismo is around and very much alive. “The wives should stay at home while the husbands make a living for the family.” “You should take good care of the women because they are fragile and weak.” “Leave the heavy works to the men.”

It’s sickening.

And you have to admit, in this kind of environment, it’s not just the men who contribute to the inequality among the genders. The women have their fair share, too.

I mean, I know that all those posts about “don’t let a girl be mad” is trying to give a shout out to girls to be more stronger or something. But, dammit, it’s seriously irritating and at some point, it backfires–making girls look like a puddle of mixed emotions. Look at these:

Then there are those girl/boy comparison posts that are just a bunch of regenerating nonsense, it’s so damn obvious that the one who made them are teenagers at the peak of puberty. For instance:

I mean, who even does the latter?!
This is just completely inaccurate and an annoying example stereotyping. (Disclaimer: Opinion coming from someone who has no relevant experience.)

One’s gender is not a factor to why that person acts the way he or she is. That’s ridiculous. I am quite (“quite”, she says) vulnerable and emotionally weak when it comes to certain things because that’s the way I am–not because I’m a girl. I know heterosexual boys who are more sensitive than I am but that does not make them any less of a man…or gay. That’s another thing! Attributing a person’s sexuality because of their personality.

It’s tolerable and understandable, though still equally annoying, when that kind of thing comes from elder people who grew up in an age where being gay is wrong. But from the younger generation? That’s a bunch of rotten tomatoes. And I know that I’ve veered far away from the household fight that I get to see every other day even if I did not subscribe to it that I mentioned earlier in this post, but what I’m basically trying to say here is: Fellow teenagers, STOP THE BOY VS GIRL COMPARISON.

Don’t let other people dictate who you should be. That’s your own choice. Don’t feel pressured to the constant whispers of society. Those are merely whispers. Because at the end of the day, it’s not the other people who is living your life–it’s you. And it won’t be them who will regret not doing what you want to do or who you want to be.

P.S. I might have looked like I hate Teenager Post because of their pictures above. But I don’t. To compensate, here are two of my most favorite posts from Teenager Post:


9 thoughts on “Discouraging marriage, machismo, and all this gender crap

  1. I want to go out and do something, WRITE something, because of this post. You are exactly right. It’s NOT just one group of people! It’s everyone that contributes to this stupid stereotype, or a bunch of preconceived ideas! EVERY”ONE DOES IT! I think I need to calm down.

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    1. Exactly! That kind of fire is what we need right now! We shall be the catalyst to a dawning revolution that will be forever etched in the history books of preschoolers! I think I need to calm down myself.

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  2. ” I am part misogynist, part misandrist, overall misanthrope. I am a great supporter of unicorns, though. I love unicorns.”

    If you ever create a business card, you should put that as you tagline. Or maybe in the “objectives” section of your resume.

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