Jeremiah Morelli: Diving Into A World of Fairy Tale Creatures and Squiggly Structures

I have a serious love for anything elvish, fairy tale-ish and enchanting. Back when I was a kid, this huge and heavy fairy tale book was the first ever book I’ve read. And it just went there to Disney movies, my love for fantasy novels and elvish crafts. Sometimes, I’d stare into the horizon and feel as if I don’t belong in this world because my soul lives within the world of pure whimsicality and fantasies.

The world should have been made of crooked lines and leaves and filled with hues of green and brown and the color of sunlight. And our everyday vocabularies should have been composed of equally fantastical words like “illuminated” and “huckleberry” and “codswallop”. I mean, imagine if we have a world where “Prick off!” was an expression. The feelings that Jeremiah Morelli’s beautiful and whimsical illustrations makes me think that I am one step closer to this kind of world.


Jeremiah Morelli, also known as jerry8448 in deviantArt, is a digital artist from Bavaria, Germany. He is a middle school teacher and describes digital painting as “hobby though it has grown over the years.


As an answer to that question (that I asked myself and you may also have if you are reading this and you don’t know the artist), just look at his works. Those illustrations are simply wonderful! It feels as if there isn’t any straight lines present in his artworks but that’s okay with me since I always thought that nothing that’s nature-made is straight-edged. The shadings were simply excellent and the atmosphere of each work really has a bit of whimsy placed into them, no matter how small. Wouldn’t it be nice to just jump through the screen and go into this world of fantasy and pure imagination? For more on Jeremiah Morelli visit his: Website | DeviantArt | Facebook

Note: I do not own any of the illustrations shown above. Everything is rightfully owned by the artist. Support them! 😀 To learn more about Art Appreciation, click here.


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