5 Career Paths I Would’ve Taken If Not For…Reasons

I know this may sound whiny to some people since I have only been a second year in college for exactly two months now. But…I’m tired. My grades aren’t as good as they were before. Sure, I guess I could add up the fact that my subjects last year were basically just subjects I took in high school and I had two subjects related to my course in the last two semesters so it’s not that surprising that I got good grades.

But this semester is really discouraging for me. I barely reached the cut-off for our Midterm exam in one of my accounting subjects and the scores I got on my other accounting subject were so heartbreaking. I’m not even sure if I passed my Midterm exam for that subject. Me and my friends are worried about how we’ll fare by the end of this semester and two of them are even considering shifting to another course.

I guess, for me, the thought is always there. A degree in Accounting is really a difficult degree to earn and there are low moments when you think of the “what-ifs”. Sometimes, I just do my best to think positive and take those tear-jerking grades as a challenge and motivation to do better next time.

AND SOMETIMES…I fantasize about kick-ass career paths I would’ve chosen if not for reasons like competence on that certain career. I humor myself sometimes and I reckon I could entertain you guys as well (if I could). Here are the 5 career paths that I would’ve taken up if not for certain reasons hindering me so.

  1. Critic (if I was technically knowledgeable about the topics)
    The best critic in all animation history, IMO.

    I would have loved becoming a critic since I like to write and share my thoughts and opinions and see people acknowledge them. Also because I really do like to criticize people. Constructively, of course. Particularly, I would have been a book/film/fashion critic because those are the things I’m most certainly interested in. But I don’t have much technical knowledge on them.

  2. Astronaut (if not for my low stamina…and mortality)
    You might have known about my love for astronomy and cosmology. If I could spend the entire time just dealing with the cosmos, I would. I’m really fascinated by it. But I don’t want to just spend the whole time studying it in an observatory. I’d want to go out there and observe them as close as possible. Of course, to become an astronaut, one must have a great stamina (which I don’t have). And to travel to other planets and galaxies would take years (and I’m not immortal).
  3. Dermatologist (if I could tolerate spending even an hour in a laboratory)
    You know how when you’re a kid and your teacher asks the class what they want to be when they grow up and most kids answer ‘doctor’? Well, I’m not one of those kids. Never in my entire life could I imagine myself to be a doctor. Until I grow up and thinking of becoming a dermatologist became an exception. As I said before, I get bothered by stuff on the skin that shouldn’t be there like pimples or scars. I don’t really have any problem with disgusting skin problems. What I do have problem is those moments in pre-med school when you have to do lab reports. I can’t stand that branch of science. My interest in science leans more on theoretical physics and its application to cosmology.
  4. Archaeologist (if I could spend tolerably enough time in the dirt like when I was 5)
    So what did I usually answer when the teacher asks about our dream jobs? Well, I noticed how most kids answer doctor, right? And I thought, “Well that can’t be right. We all can’t work at a hospital. Who will be the patients?” Maybe it was an early sign of my clever brain (coughs) or maybe my being nonconformist. But once, I answered, “Miner. So that I could share my wealth to the poor.” Then I learned that miners are poor and they typically don’t own the commodities they mined. Then I read this article about dinosaurs and unearthing them and I was fascinated by it. The term “archaeologist” back then sounded cool and smart too. I still am fascinated by the works of archaeologists until now.
  5. Chef or Pâtissière (if I could hold a pan or break an egg gracefully)
    So this anime might have convinced me with considering culinary arts. And they might have made it look easier.

    I swear, if I could cook or make a pastry, I would have went to a culinary school already. I freakin’ love food. But as of the moment, I don’t have the competence. But I decided to be independent from my parents 5 years from now so I gotta go with the thing I’m currently good at: numbers and analysis. But you never know. Maybe when I’m like 30 and living alone with a cat, I’ll get this urge to buy Julia Child’s cookbook and an oven and start cooking and blog about it. Then I will quit my CFO position in, pssh I don’t know, Facebook or something (Ha. As if I’ll be able to get there.)

So how about you? What career path would you have taken if the circumstances were different? I’ll be happy to hear about ’em.


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