Ilya Kuvshinov: Surreal, Stunning Eyes Among Realistic Faces

When I look at a stranger, the first thing that I see is his or her hair. I always build up the very foundation of my first impression of people with their hair. Those hundreds of thousands of dead skin cells compressed into a protein called keratin constantly growing into thin strands on the top of your head… Yeah, that’s one of my basis on building my first impression on someone.

It’s kinda the same with art. One certain feature certainly builds up my first impression on the work. But unlike people, that feature depends on the artist’s style. For instance, in Sayaka Ouhito’s works, the first thing that I noticed was the abundance of greenery in her illustrations. Now that I think about it, the titles of my previous Art Appreciation posts usually contain my first impression on the artists’ works.

And for Ilya Kuvshinov, it’s definitely the eyes.


Ilya Kuvshinov, also known as KR0NPR1NZ, is a freelance illustrator and story artist from Russia who is currently based in Yokohama, Japan.


Ilya Kuvshinov’s artworks are simply stunning. The first one I’ve seen of his was an illustration of Natalie Portman’s character, Mathilda, in the movie Leon: The Professional. It’s even in one of my Pinterest boards with the description, “This reminds me of Amelie”. I am not embarrassed by that, though. I just recently heard of the film because my father was watching it again. So sue me.

Anyway, what really captured my attention was how smooth and realistic his works are and yet the eyes are stunningly surreal. The result is this wonderful mix between realistic and fantastical portraits. His works are mostly of girls with doll-like faces. Another thing that fascinated me was the hair. While there are a lot of it now, a few years back, you hardly see artists who efforts that much on hair just to make it more realistic. I know that Disney pioneered in innovating technology that will create a more lush and real hair with their film, Tangled. Now, there are lots of artist, especially those who are more into the digital medium, who creates character drawings with finer and smoother hair. (Which I totally love).

Would you look at that hair? Oh god, excuse me while I exhale stars of admiration.

For more on Ilya Kuvshinov, visit his: DeviantArt | Facebook | Patreon | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube | ArtStation

Note: I do not own any of the illustrations shown above. Everything is rightfully owned by the artist. Support them! 😀 To learn more about Art Appreciation, click here.


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