Book Review: I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Whoo~ Another book review after just a couple of days! I feel like I’m on a roll these past few days! But don’t get your hopes too high. By Tuesday, I’ll be back in my cave of studying and only-occasional Interwebbing (*snorts* Riiight, “occasional”.) (Shut up, Cynic Kate.) So I might as well be more active here today than I think I’ll be for the next week.

I want to start off by saying, I absolutely loved Sophie Kinsella. Seriously. Although, I first discovered about her through the movie adaptation of the first book of her best-selling Shopaholic Series, Confessions of a Shopaholic (which I totally love on its own and because Isla Fisher was spectacular). The moment I read the book to which the movie was based from, I knew that the hilarity of the novel will be incredibly different from the humor that comes from a Disney chick flick. Back in my hometown, my childhood neighbor had collected a few of the Shopaholic Series books and some standalone novels by Sophie Kinsella. And I loved them all so much. I even made my junior year book analysis with The Undomestic Goddess.

This novel has been sitting around for quite a long time in my e-Reader without my acknowledging it. But this week, I needed something light and funny. And I’ve learned early in my teenage life that I can always count on Sophie Kinsella for those.

I’ll get this straight: I don’t read Sophie Kinsella’s books with the high expectations of finding something with great depth and thought-provoking themes. I expect to laugh a lot and bask in the utter heart-warming Kinsella-esque humor. With the many Sophie Kinsella books that I have read, I can guarantee you that there are great similarities among her main characters and general plot line. As if they all came from the same template format. But that’s okay for me. I never get tired of reading her novels, anyway.

Sophie Kinsella’s magic does not lie in how deep and meaningful her stories are. Neither is it because of its realistic storyline–because there are, at certain points, when it’s completely farce and unbelievable. Her magic lies at the humor that made her such a huge hit. Her writing is informal and very much an epitome of a romcom chick lit. But it’s so amazingly effortless that I don’t even get the “Oh. Ha-ha.” moments that I usually get on other romcom chick lit that try too hard –most of which are new on the genre. I’ve Got Your Number is no different. It’s a Sophie Kinsella book with Kinsella-filled humor.

You got Poppy Wyatt, a klutzy, sweet, meddlesome bride-to-be who (of course, of course) loses her engagement ring. She’s getting married to Magnus Tavish, who’s supposedly her “ideal man” but all readers know he is just so unsuitable to her. Along with losing her ring, her phone got mugged. But it was pure luck when she found a phone on a trash bin. Then there’s of course phone-owner Sam Roxton, the TDH (tall, dark and handsome) love interest who is a beautiful mix of gentle and frank that our heroine just needs.

The novel was filled with lots of chick lit and romcom tropes. The contents of the story ranges from relatable to far-fetched. Relatable in a sense that, “Not being able to confront others? Hmm, kinda me, yeahh” or “Snooping into other people’s emails? If you could and would, do it, bro.” And far-fetched especially with the phone-on-the-trash-bin bit. The narrative and the jokes were smoothly written, as I said earlier, it’s the author’s specialty.

The back-and-forth texting was enjoyable to watch. So was how Poppy’s inner thoughts were written–it’s just one of those kinds of books. But my favorite scene was definitely the Beyonce performance. I read that part in the library (Well, well. Look where I hang out again) and I couldn’t stop laughing as loud as the library allows. The girl beside me was looking at me cautiously; I guess I scared her. There’s also the character twist with Magnus’s parents that was something I certainly didn’t expect.

Still, I loved and enjoyed reading and finishing the novel.

Overall, I’ve Got Your Number is a humorously fun and filled with a hilarious and colorful set of characters led by a daffy, snooping yet very charming protagonist. It’s certainly a fun book especially when you’re looking for a quick and easy read.



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