Charlotte Mann: Seeing Things In Black And White

I’ve always loved a monochromatic art, particularly one that is only consisting of black, white and different shades of gray. In fact, that’s the kind of art that I’m into. If you’ve seen some of my drawings posted here, you’d know that all of them are pencil sketches or inked. It wasn’t really something I decided consciously like, “I like drawing and I shall draw using only monochromatic colors!”

But I remember back when I was in first grade, I had this huge traumatic incident with watercolors during our art project at school. I didn’t know how to will the brush and the watercolors to my satisfaction and I ended up with a work that I wasn’t proud of. I’m better at it now, obviously. But it still doesn’t top the wonderful control that I get from using inks and pencils. And when I said pencils, I meant the black and gray artist’s pencils and graphite kinds. I always find that color pencils weren’t my thing. They’re great and all but I love the colors and hues of my works to have this deepness and boldness that’s not offered by the subtlety of color pencils.

Needless to say, it’s my love for black and white that drew me into Charlotte Mann’s works as well as her unique medium.


Charlotte Mann is a British artist based in Peckham, London. Mann studied Fashion Design at Central St. Martins and worked as a fashion designer and stylist upon her graduation. Mann is also an associate lecturer in the University of Arts, London and a senior faculty member of the Royal Drawing School.


Charlotte Mann creates wall drawings and art installations of 1:1 scale. Which basically translates to creating life-sized, 3-dimensional murals using markers. And they are all oh-so detailed. There’s a sense of elegance in all the simplicity of Charlotte Mann’s works. Most of her works are really just common furniture and fixtures that are typically placed in a particular room. A window, a potted plant, a wall socket, a bookcase.

But because they’re all detailed drawings, black ink against a clean white wallpaper serving as a canvas, they become more pronounced and noticeable. These mundane things that we usually overlook in real life suddenly becomes parts of a life-sized piece of art. The concept is beautiful.

Another thing that I like about this black and white mural drawings is that somehow, there’s the feel of living inside a cartoon show. And as a proud cartoon-lover, I wouldn’t resist to that.



For more on Charlotte Mann visit her: Website

Note: I do not own any of the illustrations shown above. Everything is rightfully owned by the artist. Support them! 😀 To learn more about Art Appreciation, click here.


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