I (____) you, You (____) me

I (don’t know) you.

That first time you said hi

I told you my name

You used it to your liberty

And voted me president

when I don’t know anyone in class.

I’ll never forget what you did.

You (tricked) me.

I (argue with) you

You can be so outspoken

Oftentimes, it’s all game

To see who’ll give in first

But sometimes you say something.

In words too strong and sure.

It stung like hell.

You (hurt) me

I (see) you

The lanky guy that you are

Having a mess of ruffled hair

And pair of unyielding eyes

You play like any childish person

But your maturity is ever-present

So much contradiction

You (amaze) me

I (allowed) you

To go near and let you in

On the deepest aspects of my life

It’s so unfair how you

waltz in so freely

While I search for the existence

Of your own deep secrets

You (annoy) me

I (hate) you

Hate the way you could just

Barge into my thoughts

Like you belong there

Even if you do(n’t)

How easy it is for you

To puzzle me with your words

You (are toying) me

I (don’t understand) you

Your words so full of ambiguity

I sometimes wonder if it’s just me

That the double-meanings are all fluke

Stuff my hay-wired brain misunderstood

Assumptions, translations


You (confuse) me



I (don’t know) you

I (argue with) you

I (see) you

I (allowed) you

I (hate) you

I (hate) you

I (hate) you

I (like) you.


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