Julio Cesar: More Than Just The Photo To Digital Portraits


Julio Cesar, also known by his username ‘mz09art’, is a digital illustrator from Fortaleza, Brazil. Not to be mistaken by the fellow Brazilian Julio Cesar who is a professional footballer playing as goalkeeper for Portuguese club Benfica. (So you know football, Kate?) (No, I found that in Wikipedia while Googling Julio The Artist)


Julio Cesar–okay, so for those football fans (if ever there’s anyone who’ll stumble upon this) who might get confused, we’re calling Julio The Artist by his username. Mz09art (somehow very James Bond-y) has already been widely known and some of his works where he turned random photos into digital portraits have been featured in numerous online magazines and sites.

And, yeah, those stuff are really great. He got the realistic elements of the photos and tweaked a few of characteristics to suit to his style.

But what the work of his that I like even more was something I found on his Behance account. He showed illustrations of people in his sketchbooks painted with watercolor in such a way that it will look like it was colored digitally. That is awesome.I could not believe it at first sight, thought that he layered a digitally-made one over the original photo of the sketchbook. But if you look closer, you can actually see the hurried lines of a pencil that was obviously used for sketching the outline.

That’s amazing.

Not to mention, there were textures and thin lines that will cost you more than a few patience and passion for the task. I could get lost in sketching but I won’t have the same amount of perseverance when painting or coloring. That in itself is an amazing feat that mz09art, as well as other artists, possesses.

Here are some of those portraits he was known for:

And here are those he painted in a digital way using the traditional medium.

For more on MZ09art visit his: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Behance | ArtStation | DeviantArt | Tumblr

Note: I do not own any of the illustrations shown above. Everything is rightfully owned by the artist. Support them! 😀 To learn more about Art Appreciation, click here.


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