Book Review: The Boy Book by E. Lockhart

I’ve been meaning to write this book review in…a century already. Yep, I’m sure it has been a century this time. But because of school, crappy WIFI and my growing urge to just sleep all day and to easily get hungry every two freaking hours (there goes my hope for surviving the apocalypse without food for three days) I haven’t gotten to writing anything but the post title.

Now, I’ve got a long weekend ahead and hopefully get some things moving again here in my blog so I’m making this review. (Before it takes me another century to remember.)


The Boy Book by E. Lockhart (Ruby Oliver Series #2)

Published on: 26 September 2006
Published by: Delacorte Press Books
ISBN: 0385732082
Pages: 208
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
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The Boy Book (it has a very long title so let’s just leave it at that) is the second book in E. Lockhart’s hilarious Ruby Oliver series. It starts up to where The Boyfriend List ended. Ruby is now in her junior year in Tate Prep and her school life has been different ever since the great sophomore year debacle. Her friends aren’t talking to her, she doesn’t have a boyfriend and she has become a Tate Prep leper. But that’s okay. Because, as Ruby gradually realized, there is life outside the Tate Universe.

I wasn’t surprised that The Boy Book was excellent. The wry narrative voice of Ruby Oliver was simply amazing and one of the things that I loved about the first novel. And I’m glad it’s still ever-present in the second installment.

The very gem of this book, as well as the previous one, is that it is, to some degree, relatable. We’ve all been teenage girls (and some people, like me, still are) and we’ve been through at least a few of the things that Ruby has gone through. I may not be the kinda-popular kid like Ruby but like Roo we are all somehow bonded by an unspoken golden rule that governs the social aspect of high school.

My favorite characters would definitely be Roo and Noel because they are both awesome. And Noel is a very fresh character to read. He’s a faux bad boy that’s borderline geeky in the most likable way.

There may be some parts where the book was dragging and I just keep on skipping Roo’s long internal monologue but overall, the story was wonderful and hilarious. It was a wonderful reading experience and I’m very excited to read the next novel…when I find the time to do so.

4 stars


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