After Watching: The Good Dinosaur

Because I am such a Pixar fan and talking about them is part of the Plethoric Thoughts package. I just finished watching this yesterday and felt compelled to write an After Watching piece about it.

The film is basically around the question, “What if the meteors didn’t kill the dinosaurs and they still exist?” Pixar’s short answer: a greener Earth millions of years later. And the humans are still not evolving. Kinda.

Let’s face it, after the celebrated critical and commercial success of Inside OutThe Good Dinosaur was in a pinch for a high level of expectation. But it didn’t deliver enough.

I gotta hand it to them, The Good Dinosaur was great. I don’t think anyone could think of a quirky storyline like that than Pixar. It is visually stunning. I’ve never been more at awe and artfully salivated than when I saw the splendid landscapes the characters tread through.

There were the Pixar trademark quirks which I totally enjoyed in this movie: I mean, seriously, I can’t think of any other dinosaur that could be so fitting as cowboys (or cowdinosaurs). And nose as a large hose? NICE.

The story was sweet and endearing. Moving at one point, heartbreaking at another. But the deeper meaning behind a Pixar film, the one most adult Pixar fans have accustomed–and awfully fail–to prepare themselves with is not there.

Still, the movie was good and quirky and, along with Inside Out, would probably suffice to us for original films as we’ll be seeing many sequels in the years ahead. *sigh* One original film every year would be great, you know, Pixar.

“Sometimes, you gotta get through your fears to see the beauty on the other side.”

After Watching is not a movie review. I am not a movie buff who is good at critically analyzing films. Instead, this tag line is a representation of my views on a film’s story and everything else that a regular moviegoer notices like “hehe, that unicorn” or “ohmigod, how do they make a cartoon character that hot?”



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