The New Generation Thing: Someone Who Inspires

Am I too late to join? Of course not. Because somewhere in the world, it’s still Saturday and I’m taking advantage of their time zone. Lalala~

Seriously, though.

I’ve been meaning to join the amazing Hideaway Girl’s The New Generation Thing. And believe me, I’ve been contemplating (for the entire week) on who to feature for my blog post for Someone Who Inspires. I’ve got tough choices really: 1) Essena O’Neill, the Instagram star-turned-social-media-activist who shook the entire social media and the Internet because of her unveilling the backstage of Instagram stars, 2) Our very own Michelle of The Lonely Tribalist (Hey, Michelle!) who’s just too damn funny, like, seriously guys, go read her blog,  and then there’s 3) Miss Piggy from The Muppets because she’s so fabulous and doesn’t give a rat’s butt what the world wants or thinks and I think all women should be like her.

In the end, though, I ended up with this anonymous girl from the inspiring Facebook page Humans of New York. 

(c) Brandon Stanton of HONY. (Source)

Thank goodness, really that tonight I saw this on my News Feed. And whilst the wonderful choice of combining that shade of brown coat and that wonderfully knitted pink handwarmers certainly caught my attention to the picture (I can’t help it. Beautiful color combinations are instantly filtered to grab my attention), it was the story of this anonymous girl that shook something in my inner core.

(Also from HONY, screenshot on Facebook.)

It’s really a different kind of inspiration that this unknown lady sparked in me. For one thing, I know exactly how she feels. She’s always done great in her career until she doesn’t anymore and she did say she is too scattered. And while reading this, I realized that it’s like looking into a mirror. This girl was describing me.

And it hit me.

I’ve always been assured that I’ll do well in my studies because I always do. And in a way, I ended up taking it for granted. Now, I’m struggling to find my footing in this complicated maze called College. And I have no idea which way to go. The roads ahead and behind are not predictable anymore and there’s no clear indication if I’m on the right track or not. It’s a scary feeling. But it’s out and I’m considering it and where I am now.

In some ways, having the same internal conflicts that this anonymous girl from HONY is experiencing brought me to a light. Dim as it may, but still. And I’d like to thank this unknown girl (and to Brandon) for finding the courage to say something you’ve been having trouble with inside you.


4 thoughts on “The New Generation Thing: Someone Who Inspires

  1. If this HONY doesn’t describe 90% of millennials, I don’t know what would! I thought I wanted to be a programmer wiz when I entered college, but then I went on to waste over 2 years (and lots and lots of money) being a “computer science major” before I finally switched to the poor side of applied linguistics. And believe you me, I’m a whole lot happier. There’s still the concern of what the hell I’m going to do after I graduate, but at least I’m not as miserable as I was a couple years ago! Finding our calling and our path in this crazy world is a truly scary thing. However, I think one of the reasons it’s so scary is because we can finally see that we don’t have to be stuck to just one or two possibly life paths. There are so many possibilities, which is both terrifying and wondrous.

    Always love reading your thoughts, Kate. And we blush like school girls that you find us even remotely “inspiring.”

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    1. It IS scary and exciting at the same time. Glad to know I’m kinda not alone experiencing this kinda-midlife-crisis thingy.
      And as long as you’re wearing plaid skirts to match your blush…👌

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