5 Positive Things You Can Do When You’re Stuck At Home

Stuck inside your home for some reason? No idea what to do and you’re trying to fight out the imminent boredom that is going to make you insane in the next hour? Well, read on, people. Because you’re getting advice from an EXPERT HOMEBODY!! 😀

Here are 5 positive things you can do when you’re stuck at home!



I’m not necessarily saying you read a book. But just read stuff. Some facts or trivias on the Web, your phone directory (do people still have that?), a random page in your family’s encyclopedia, or my blog (wink wink). It’s great to read random stuff just to keep the boredom away. Why’d you think dentists have those magazines on their coffee table?



This incredibly profound, thought-provoking line will give you $15M, at the very least

Usually, when I have the itch to do something with my hands, I either play with the scissors and some paper, do my makeup for no apparent reason, or draw. And among these three, drawing is the easiest to do. You never know, maybe you’d create your $40M artwork by fighting off boredom. (Still not over that painting.)

Blast your music and sing & dance!


I do this when I’m alone at home because no one can judge me and my Taylor Swift-awkward dance moves. It’s a really great way of relieving yourself from stress and releasing positive vibes all over the surroundings.

Study…or something

I know, I know. Who wants to study, amarayt? But think about it for a minute. Instead of daydreaming about that smart house you want to live in the future (oh, and how it’ll start making hot chocolate the moment you wake up), you can do something that would actually take you one step closer to making that (amazing, paradise-like) daydream into a reality. It could be studying for your major exams (glares at myself) or just doing something that you know will help you to attain that delectable and beautiful smart house…or whatever you dream of.

Learn something new


This is related, but not limited to, reading. As Jenna Marbles said in one of her videos, there are so many things that you can do in this age of high technology and easy-to-access information that to be an idiot is a bullcrap excuse already. You could just learn how to play solitaire in real life (actually did this last Christmas holidays) or maybe revamp your old clothes. There are so many free information at your disposal and you can use them all–instead of stalking your crush and celebrities feeling depressed about yourself.

Now if you think something’s strange here and I’m not being my cynical and sarcastic self as much as I usually do, that’s because I’m making today Positivity Thursday. Look at that, it’s not even an alliteration anymore.

(Turning into a Puddle Kate………………………………45% Done)


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