10 Disney Songs that Makes Me Emotional

Disney songs are the bomb! We’ve all grown up listening, swooning, and belching out Disney songs our whole lives. They’re basically classics. And yes, even the Frozen soundtracks are good, just…it’s tiring to listen to anymore “Let It Go”. People can’t seem to do so. But maybe in five to ten years…

And even though me and my sister are both in ages 18 and up, we are two of those girls who still like playing Disney songs max volume in speakers. Even today. 

I mean, we’re also the kinds of girls who blast out “Designer Music” and “Funky Town” when we’re left alone in the house. So… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, below are 10 Disney songs that makes me surge up with emotions every single time I hear them–and I mean every single time. And they could be melancholy or glee. But most of these move me to tears. That’s why I’m putting a box of tissue beside me right now. This is in no particular order.

  1. “Almost There” performed by Anika Noni Rose (Princess and the Frog)
    The soundtrack for this movie is so good. But “Almost There” have always had a special place in my heart (a close second is “Dig A Little Deeper” because come on, a blind woman telling you you’re blind to what you need? Gold.) I could relate to Tiana so much. And I either sing it or it’s replaying on my mind whenever I’m working on a project or something similar. Like back in that long exam I had which–I forgot to tell you guys–I passed, by the way! Yay!
  2. “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” performed by Susan Egan, Cheryl Freeman, Lillias White, Vaneese Thomas, LaChanze and Roz Ryan (Hercules)
    The very moment I first heard this song, I definitely fell in love with it instantly. I always love Meg because she’s cynical and sarcastic but also very appealing and this song shows her cynical side so much. And I love meself a cynic Disney character.

    See? Look at her! So awesome. ❤
  3. “Transformation” performed by Bulgarian Women’s Choir (Brother Bear)
    Come on, guys. Phil Collins + Disney had always been gold. It’s too bad that he only worked in Tarzan and Brother Bear because I really wanted to see more Disney motion picture soundtracks with Phil Collins’ fingerprints in them. This particular song performed by the Bulgarian Women’s Choir in Inuit Eskimo language was simply bone-chillingly amazing. Still is.There’s an added chill factor to it if you watch the scene where Kenai transforms. Chills, man.
  4. If I Never Knew You” performed by Mel Gibson and Judy Kuhn (Pocahontas)
    *sobs ungracefully with dripping snots* I swear, guys. I can never play this song without even sobbing. Or dry-sobbing, as I’d like to call. Apparently, Alan Menken decided not to include this song and its accompanying scene in the movie because the kids were bored during test screenings. Well, if they’ve put me in there (which is unlikely since I wasn’t born at that time yet) I would have sobbed like a newborn. Still happy they thought to release it and bring sorrow to YouTube viewers.
  5. “Love Will Find A Way” performed Liz Callaway and Gene Miller (The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride)
    So yeah. This song is sappy and I mean, “I may not be brave or strong or smart, but somewhere in my secret heart”? Sappy, I tell you. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. For some unknown reason, the scene and the song moved me more than Simba and Nala’s “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”.
  6. “A Whole New World” performed by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane (Aladdin)
    There are very few Disney duets that I love. And this tops them all. For one thing, I’ve always been in love with Lea’s clear voice but matching it with Brad Kane’s was like listening to a delicious hot fudge sundae.
  7. “Something There” performed by Paige O’ Hara and Robby Benson feat. Jerry Orbach, Angela Lansbury, and David Ogden Stiers (Beauty and the Beast)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah. The “Beauty and the Beast” song was romantic. But I like this more just because it is when their feelings for each other started to develop. And the confusion and all the “what’s this feeling?” moments are always the good ones, in my opinion.

    NO, NOT THAT. The other “What’s this” feeling.
  8. “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” performed by Donny Osmond (Mulan)
    I have to add this for the shizz and giggles. I don’t know how this suddenly became a meme of its own. It’s an awesome song, I’ll give it that. But with how Internet messed around with this song, it will now forever be a song that will make me laugh out loud. And that’s still something emotional, right? Anyway… let’s get down to business.
  9. “That’s How You Know” performed by Amy Adams (Enchanted)
    Aw man! This song number was so cool! There were so many people, it was in Central Park, and Amy Adams is singing! What could go wrong, right? And also, Patrick Dempsey’s the only character in a musical who is suddenly wondering why everyone’s singing. He’s so hot, too.
  10. “Man or a Muppet” performed by Jason Segel and Walter (The Muppets)
    The first time I’ve seen this movie with my sister, she was exclaiming like, “OMG that’s Jason Segel from HIMYM!” and I was like,

    and during this scene, she was all, “Oh it’s Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory!” and I was like,
    These were the times when I haven’t binged on these series yet. But now I have~

So tada! Those are the 10 Disney songs that makes me emotional–whether the teary kind or the crazy laughing kind. Do you like some songs here too? No? What are your favorite Disney songs? I’d love to know so comment down below. 🙂


5 thoughts on “10 Disney Songs that Makes Me Emotional

  1. Whenever I see the words ‘A Whole New World’, the song starts playing in loop in my head – it would be annoying if I didn’t love it so much haha. I love Disney songs, but I particular adore the ones in The Little Mermaid, myself.

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    1. I feel like Disney always made sure that their songs are catchy enough to be remembered. 😂 And ah yes, I like “Under The Sea” and “Kiss The Girl” myself.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! The disney songs that always fill me with emotion are “be our guest” from beauty and the beast (I have no idea why this makes me want to cry but it just does!) And “feed the birds” from Mary Poppins! Guaranteed to always make me well up!

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