Redmer Hoekstra: Merging Animals and Everyday Objects

There are some works that I’ve seen or stumbled upon on the Internet that creates a great first impression on me. And I think Redmer Hoekstra’s artworks is part of the top five.


Redmer Hoekstra is a visual artist and illustrator based on Netherlands. A graduate from the Art Academy in Zwolle in 2009, he rediscovered  all kinds of childhood theories about how the world works while he was at school. Such were what he processed into his works: various mind-blowing pieces of things you would find in a surreal world.


For some people, his works may be slightly disturbing or even humorous. But what I see is this artistic ingenuity that has the ability to compel its audience. From how I see it, Hoekstra sees similarities in two ultimately distinct subjects and merge them into one fantastical and surreal thing. I actually enjoyed looking at his works and trying to see what he merged together.

For more on Redmer Hoekstra, visit his: Website | Behance | Facebook

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Note: I do not own any of the images shown above. Everything is rightfully owned by the artist/photographer/web owner. Support them! 😀


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