[Album Review] All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend by AURORA

All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

Released: March 11, 2016
Label: Decca Records
Genre: Art Pop, Synthpop
Listen to it on: iTunes | Amazon



As I grew older, I’m starting to discover the similarities between music and books. One of which is this: both tell stories. And I’m beginning to learn that, like with literary authors, songwriters have their own way of creating imagery in their music—their own writing style. Two musicians could be singing about the same topic, like depression, but one may be blunter while the other opted for metaphorical.

Nineteen-year-old AURORA is a pop musician. But the imageries in any of the tracks in her debut album, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, are nothing that her contemporaries are dealing in.

Her songs are clearly of the synthpop genre and this complements well with her eerily, enchanting vocals and lyrics that bring you down the rabbit hole and into a fantasy world.

The album opened up with my favorite track in her previous EP, Running With The Wolves, “Runaway”, a song that, as I understood, is about escapism and returning home to where she feels she can belong to. Afterwards is “Conqueror”, one of the few upbeat tracks in the record that you can dance into.

Another one of the few upbeat songs is “Warrior”, which is also what the young artist calls her fans. It sings about self-love—a theme concurrent in many pop songs today. But what made AURORA’s song different is the lyrical narrative. Singing about battling the night and holding a sword to guide her, you find phrases in this song that you would typically find in a fantasy novel.

There are plenty of bubbly and delicate songs in All My Demons and they bring different flavors into the table. In “Winter Bird”, AURORA sings about wanting to remember “how it was to feel alive”. It’s followed by “I Went Too Far”, the most unapologetically pop track in the album and one of my most favorite songs in the album. It bears my favorite stanza in the entire record:

I’m left behind with an empty hole,
And everything I am is gone
I tried to reach for another soul,
So I can feel whole”

There are also quieter moments in the album. The first time I heard the stripped version of “Through The Eyes of A Child”, I felt like angels were singing comfort and relief into me. Two minutes into the song and I highly suggest closing your eyes because the harmony you’ll soon be hearing is going to be astoundingly moving.

Another more delicate track that you’ll hear in the deluxe edition is AURORA’s acoustic rendition of “Nature Boy”, a hauntingly amazing track that was accompanied mainly of cello and guitar. And it didn’t need more, honestly.

This debut album is certainly packed with an amazing vocal, a lyrical narrative containing distinct vulnerability as well as unexpected spellbinding energy.

All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend is a roller coaster ride of the explosive somberness and the hypnotically calm, an otherworldly experience of the musical kind. And, like an exquisitely good book, I relish in riding it again. And again.


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