[ABC Project: The Blog Revamp] Why I Can’t Stick To One Blog Design

‘Ey! I’m finally starting to update you guys on the progress of one fourth of my ABC Project.

Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you? Me too. XD

And…I must confess. Even as I was still thinking of how to make a move on this particular project, I have immediately identified a couple of challenges and obstacles that I need to face. One of which is why I can’t stick to one blog design for so long—I keep changing it.

Which is strange for me since most of my angsts and dramas in the early teens is about hating and fearing major changes.

The thing is, I’m an impulsive web page editor.

I can’t tell you how many hours I spend just editing the pages of my different social media accounts and my two blogs. Here in Plethoric Thoughts, I think I’ve undergone five official theme changes and dozens of minor redesigns. In less than two years.

It’s a personal itch that doesn’t go away.

And it doesn’t even have anything to do with fearing change. I just love redesigning. It’s such a fun thing to do!

I’m not really afraid of all these major changes that I’m creating in Plethoric Thoughts. It’s a personal website; I can do whatever I want with it. What I’m afraid of is how I can’t seem to stick on one for at most a year.

So while I doubt I could make this itch go away permanently, I could at least recede it into something more manageable and happens less frequently. So I’m addressing the 3 main things I do that results to this frequent blog redesigning. And what I’ve done in this Blog Revamp regarding them.

1. I don’t know what I want.

(But really. Don’t we all, generally?)

This is one of my main problems when designing—and re-designing—my blog.

I don’t know what I want my blog to look like. I’m always attracted to another theme so I’ll change mine. Or maybe this one is more minimal. Or, oh! I want that feature in my blog but my current theme doesn’t support it so let’s look for another one.

I find that knowing what I want my blog to look like is an immense help to me. Not only to prevent frequent tweaking but also to have a concrete vision of how I want people to navigate in my blog.


I’m a visual person. I like planning things by visualizing them. It’s less chaotic to me when all the information I need is on paper. In this case, it’s by making lists, outlines, and sketches.

For instance, below is a list I made of what I’m looking for in a theme.

2. I don’t weigh my options carefully.

Remember what I said about being an impulsive web page editor?

Well, let me tell you what happens whenever I visit the Themes page on my WordPress Dashboard:

+ I scroll over the themes
+ I find something that looks good
+ I read its features
+ Activate to website

Live Preview? What’s that?

Being the snob that I am, I completely ignore the live preview option and immediately activate the theme. Which is also the cause of many regrettable theme changes—you haven’t seen them because I immediately change them back.

I know what a lot of people say. When it comes to customization, Blogger trumps WordPress. There are still many good enough themes here in WordPress if you try them out and see if they work well with what you want.

3. I have no perseverance.

Is it possible to love something and have no perseverance in achieving it?

Apparently, yes.

I keep on looking for good free themes in WordPress. (Thus is the life of the Free Plan user.) And when I’m tweaking on the theme and something doesn’t work out well, my patience snap.

When I was putting the header image for Tattered Manuscripts, for example, the Hemingway Rewritten theme recommended specific dimensions. And even after I edited my header image to that dimension, it still wouldn’t budge—it’s cropped out. I lost patience and just left it like that.

This happened to me several times. Even while redesigning this blog. And then, if I’ve had enough of it, I change theme.

I want the themes and their features to be served to me in a silver platter. I want to tweak with the themes but when it’s becoming harder to edit, I’m out. But I learned something.

Themes are kinda like LEGOs.

You see a life-size robot made of LEGOs so you bought hundreds of pieces and then just sit there, waiting for them to rearrange themselves into a cool car like the Transformers.

News flash: It’s not going to happen.

The same goes with themes. You can’t just look for a live demo, see something you like, activate it into your website, and expect it to do its glory all on its own.

Themes, like the LEGOs, need the working human hands to turn them into more than just their default look.

For the Blog Revamp, I chose the Gateway theme, which I have already activated here. It’s minimal and it has most of the features I want. I will start tweaking with this theme whenever I can so expect a lot of new things popping out from now on.

How did you pick the theme for your blog?

Do you change it frequently?


8 thoughts on “[ABC Project: The Blog Revamp] Why I Can’t Stick To One Blog Design

  1. ayeeeee. this post. My brain’s been having frequent thoughts of redesigning my blog which is odd since this is the first time the urge to change is so strong. I mean, it’s so easy to get excited and I relate so much to what you said about redesigning being 100% fun but omg yesssss, it’s even 100% work! Nonetheless, it’s all about fixing and troubleshooting individual issues and slowly working your way to something that a little more happier with! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Never tell anyone that passion works are easy. And oh man I agree, that irritating little voice that always screams “Go to Customizer! Go to Customizer!” might be the death of me. Hopefully this long and gradual redesigning of my blog will prove to be more satisfying than the many impulsive short-term changes I made. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so lazy. I picked a random theme when I made my blog and it hasn’t changed since. Tbh if I ever change it, I don’t know what I’d change it to

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is what happened to me when I transferred this blog here in WordPress. I picked the first pretty-looking theme I saw. I was dissatisfied. And the frequent blog redesigning started.

      Liked by 1 person

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