Remakes Always Make Me Part-Excited and Part-Nervous

I briefly mentioned several posts ago about how recent local television shows have not appealed to me. And I said there that the Filipino TV series I really really liked was something I saw as a kid.

That TV series is called Encantadia and it was awesome.

So here’s the drift: Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy TV series that debuted in 2005 which is—holy mackerel, eleven years ago?! Man, I’m really old already, huh?

The story is mainly set in the world of Encantadia, which is divided into four kingdoms—Adamya, Lireo, Sapiro, and Hathoria—each holding their respective gem stones that keep their world in balance. That is until the kingdom of Hathoria wanted the gem stones for themselves.

All this and more information can be found in their Wikipedia page if you want to know more about it.

At the time, Encantadia was one of the most ambitious television series in Philippine TV. The kind of world-building and production that they put into it was something never before made in a Filipino TV series. I mean, they have their own language, for Pete’s sake!

And cute little creatures like Imaw. He’s wise, you know.

To the six-year-old me and my friends, it left quite a big impression. I remember playing in the backyard with my sister and my neighbor, wielding sticks that served as our weapons. It drove my grandfather crazy because he used those sticks in his tiny garden. XD

Anyway, they’re doing a remake of the series this year and they’ve been airing teasers.


Honestly, I have forgotten most of what the story was about—you can’t blame me, really, I was six. I just remember my overall impression of the series. And I’m part-nervous and part-excited.

Excited, because I loved that series. In my mind, no local TV show could beat Encantadia. And nervous, because, like any remakes of your favorite show, I’m afraid of what they’ll do to it.

I realize that this is also pressuring to the cast and crew since they’re not just competing with the original. It’s also inevitable that they will be compared to foreign fantasy shows (Hello, GOT!)—even if those silly idealists know that the show doesn’t have the kind of budget said foreign shows have (Hello, BOB!). Also, this is free TV airing whereas GOT is in cable. Something to ponder on, silly idealists.

Cassiopeia's island

The network has not yet announced a specific release date for the series but said that it will be aired this year.

Nevertheless, I will be waiting for it with neither high hopes nor negative expectations. Because for right now, all I want is a unique local TV show to watch and enjoy—every night, once a week, I don’t care. Just…please.

Do you have any favorite show/s that just had or will have a remake?

How do you feel about the remake of your fave show?

So just now, I finished watching the animated history of Encantadia but you non-Filipino folks probably won’t understand so I have this no-dialogue teaser trailer to share. Hee~ 😀



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