[ABC Project: The Blog Revamp] What My Blog Is About feat. “I Had An Identity Crisis!”

blog branding

Before I go to the juicy part mentioned in the post title, and we all know what I mean, let’s recap my progress.

One week into my first post update regarding Blog Revamp and I have:


Now onto the next stage of the Blog Revamp.

Blog Branding 101: Knowing Your Blog

In the past week, while tinkering a little bit with my chosen theme, I’ve also searched and inhaled information, tips, and successful bloggers’ advices about blog branding and other things a blogger can do for the growth of his/her blog.

Before starting the blog revamp project, I was inspired by this post by Mia @ Okaaythen about blog graphics. And a few days ago, I made use of her questions to get an idea of what my blog is all about.

I’ve also entered a course in Blogging U called Branding and Growth. I’m currently on the first day and I’ve made four main blog goals which is one goal more than what was required. (Because rebel.)

So with the entire info-dump I deliberately threw onto my brain, what could I possibly apply on my own blog?

Honestly? There actually was a lot. But initially, it was very few.

Let me show you what I mean in a table of sorts:

The Table

Have you ever experienced burying some fact deep inside your subconscious where you can’t deal with it and hopefully forget its existence? This was mine:

I have no idea what my blog is really about.      

Even before starting this project, I’ve had that thought in my mind. But this week, that fact just burst out of me and left me looking blankly at all those Blogging Advice articles I’ve saved.

I know my blog can’t be just about book reviews or just about my life, because I created it not just for personal reasons but also to be something I hope other people will find inspiration from.

But then I look for other people who did—and did it successfully—and most of them say the same thing: be niched.

And for several days, I doubted my supposedly revolutionary move in the blogging world.

Thus, the blog identity crisis happened.

For days, I was pulling my hair out, trying to think of how I could do this. And the tagline debacle going through my brain wasn’t helping!

I even reached the lowest point and started to consider taking a niche. But I was simply going through the motions, like eating a tasteless grub half-heartedly.

This is what you get for info-dumping yourself, Kate.

So you’re probably guessing that there’s a happy ending here. And I have risen gloriously from the ashes of self-doubt.

Well…not entirely, I’ll have to admit that. But I did say I actually learned something from the info-dumping I did.

But I didn’t see their worth until, just today, I stumbled upon this post by Elizabeth Tai, a fellow Renaissance woman.

And at last, I see the light

It was her post, and the existence of her blog really, that made me motivated and inspired to keep Plethoric Thoughts as it was: a mix-up blog for a Renaissance girl.

Just this morning, I was looking at my many scribbles that I took a few days ago with new light.

And here’s a rough outline on what Plethoric Thoughts is all about:

  • Books, Music, and Films
  • Artworks
  • Life (my life, specifically)
  • Blogging (hopefully)
  • Personal development (I recently find it an interesting topic.)

A ‘web collage’ of everything I love.

I liked the sound of that. I like the sound of that.

I love the idea of collage—although I create messy ones back in high school.

The thought that you can put together different concepts (in this case, topics) into a blank canvas (in this case, my blog) and create a unique work altogether.

I’m sticking to that.

I know it’s not much. But at least I now have an idea of what my blog is and will be.

What is your blog about?

Have you ever experienced blog identity crisis?

Photo from: The Rational Male


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