Blog Graphics & My Branding Suicide

I know, I know.

This blog series is getting grim on the titles. But anyway…

If you’ve missed the previous parts of this series, here they are:

I plan on going for a 5- or 6-part series, depending how “achieved” I feel in revamping my blog. Now onto the next part!


This week, I started the fun part of this project. The part I’ve been itching to do ever since I’ve decided to revamp my blog: the blog graphics. The tiny details that will present your blog and its brand visually.

(Oh wait. You have a brand, Kate?!)

According to The Daily Post, all blogs, whether it’s a personal or professional one, have their respective brand.

So yeah, I do. (I just don’t know what it is. Yet.)

Repping your blog visually

Having a unique voice along with your own distinctive brand would set your blog apart from others in this oversaturated yet lovely place that is the blogosphere.

Your blog graphics have that purpose, too.

Some people have a clear idea on how they present their blogs visually. I particularly like how Okaaythen’s Mia did hers—with skulls and pastel colors. Chris from Entre Toi Et Moi has this simple logo but I think its simplicity fits so well with his blog. (Which is filled with inspiring posts so check it out!)

Me? Ha-ha-ha.

I’ve already come to terms that I have a nicheless blog. And how I see it, the branding tips and advice you will mostly find out there is for the niche blogs.

An example:

“Does the subject of your blog have its own existing, popular “iconography” attached? Think knitting needles (crafts/knitting), typewriters (writing), dog leashes (dogs), ribbons (crafts, pretty things), blood spatters (crime/horror).”

I love The Daily Post and while I think this was helpful to others, it wasn’t specifically helpful to me.

What if I have too many subjects? (Which I do, obvs)

Would I draw away potential readers and followers?

Is it possible for a blog with no subject/focus to have a visual identity? And if so, how do you create one?

Visual branding for the nicheless

Let me tell you right now: I’m no expert. If I’m going to be completely honest, I don’t know what I’m doing. I still have no idea if this will work. And…well, let’s just see.

Anyway, I already knew I was going to incorporate watercolor images into my blog graphics (because I love painted anything) so how do I do that? Here was my brilliant idea:

I butchered my brand (or whatever is left of it)

Skewered, chopped and ground it to pieces.

How, you may ask?

If you’re like me and you read lots of branding tips in the Internet, you’ll know that a lot of the experts advise bloggers to find and put one to three common visual attributes to your blog. It could be the font you use or the type of graphics (black and white, drawn arrows, etc.) or both.

But I said “Screw uniformity!” and went completely crazy with my graphics.

And it was brilliant. And no, for once in my life, I’m not being sarcastic. It really was a brilliant idea. The thought was this: I have this blog that has more than one focus, a ‘collage blog’ as I like to call it, so wouldn’t it be fitting if the graphics, too, have more than one style?

Yep, it was branding suicide.

I killed any potential visual branding. And I loved it.

I started with the image widgets. I tried to condense my major categories (and believe me, that was a hard task) into a smaller number. From ten categories, I ended up with three.


But because I’m me and I quickly mess up something so neatly organized, I have three additional ones that have no relation to the three above:


I only have one active among the three (The Blog Revamp), so along with the three parent categories, there will only be four that you will be seeing in the sidebar soon.

But I’ll show you how I made the six graphics, nonetheless.

The fun photo-editing part

This is the part that made almost no sense. But I’ll try my best to tell you what happened.

I listed things I like—unicorns, glasses, cacti, etc.—and then matched them up with any of the six image widgets I plan on making. The point with matching them was so there are little to no relation between them.


I got images from Google Images, for now. Until I can make my own watercolor images. I had to use MS Paint and Picture Manager for editing and cropping the images because 1) I don’t have any other photo-editing software or apps in my arsenal and 2) no stable Internet connection. I need to make do.

But when I can connect, I added texts and other designs in each images with Canva, an online app I’ve known because of Aentee of Read at Midnight. (Thank you, Aentee 😀 Check out her blog full of great bookish stuff and awesome blog graphics!)

Of course, after seeing my finished work, I felt like there were some things to fix. I always think there are some things to fix. This is one of the main causes of my can’t-stick-to-one-theme-for-a-long-time problem.


But anyway, after editing and (finally) being contented with everything, that’s it! I just have to save it in my media library and put them on the sidebar. Et voila!

Do you have a visual identity for your blog? If so, how did you come up with it?

What do you think of my graphics?

Don’t worry, I can take an honest critique. 🙂

Next week! I will try to work on the home page, my about page and the about section in the sidebar. Translation: I’m changing my pictures! (Nah, don’t be excited. It’ll be scary/creepy/weird pictures of me.)


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