Book Review: A Necessary Act by Tony Wirt

Hello, every-awesome-one! This is a very different book that I’ll review here.

The thing is, I love romance and fantasy books. These are the genres I usually crave to look for in bookshops. Sometimes, I get to read New Adult Romance with a touch of thriller. But never a purely thriller novel. It’s very embarrassing to say that The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books, while very awesome books, traumatized my eight-year-old self. And I avoided horror or thriller mysteries for a very long time.

I’m beginning to open my bookish doors to those kinds of genres recently. And I was given a copy of this book to give my honest opinions. Well here they are.

A Necessary Act by Tony Wirt29073299

Published on: 12 April 2016
Published by: Broken Bricks Publishing
ISBN: 0997201002
Pages: 284
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
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Favorite quote: “Somebody has to do something.”

Can you stop a serial killer before he starts? If so, should you? How far would you go?

The students at Lake Mills Community High School knew there was something wrong with Scott – but what David saw firsthand was more than they could ever imagine. He and his best (only) friend Matt were content to keep their suspicions to themselves until a simple trip to the library sets them on parallel trajectories where even the most careful plans have unexpected consequences that can rock a community and reverberate long after they’re gone.

Fifteen years later, Matt loses his high-profile reporter gig and is forced to return to the town he did everything he could to leave behind. He gets a shot at redemption with the small-town weekly where he started and quickly discovers a community that has moved on from the past. Well, everybody but David. He remembers everything and doesn’t buy a thirty-something Scott’s “normal” act. There’s a madman hovering inside. After all, some people never change, right?

Something the entire town is reminded of when the first dead girl turns up.

So let’s start with the novel’s great points.

The heavy atmosphere that dominated most of the book was already there at the very beginning. The story was already gripping at that point but it didn’t rely greatly in having an intense feel to create a good thriller novel. And I love that. In movies, I don’t like the idea of putting a scary/horrible scene just for the sake of being scary (which is why I rarely watch horror films). So it was good that this book wasn’t completely dependent on that.

The characters’ developments after 19 years was remarkable. You could really tell that what happened in 1996 affected the characters greatly.

Now what I didn’t understand was using multiple narratives. Some weren’t even necessary. I feel like there was a cinematic feel to the writing style so was the multi-narrative for that film-like style? I honestly don’t know.

And then there was the cover. To me, it didn’t do the story any justice. And I seldom get bothered by the covers of a book.

Overall, A Necessary Act was a good thriller novel. It tells believable occurences that had led to horrifying circumstances and personally, it was a great introductory to thriller novels.


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