Sometimes the Cat isn’t Killed

You know how the saying goes: “Curiosity killed the cat?”

Well, I get it. There are some things in life that are better off not known. But as an avid ambassador for learning, I wave such saying away like “Shoo, fly. Don’t bother me!” At one angle, I see it as meaning some things are a waste of time to know. Which is ridiculous if you ask me. Learning is never a waste of time.

And let me be clear: I said learning and not studying. There’s a huge difference between the two. Most people I know lump these two things together like they’re one and the same thing but…no. They’re not.

Some people don’t thrive well in a classroom setting. I don’t. Most of the time, I’ll end up just getting distracted at that doodle on the corner of the whiteboard. Or doodling something on my books. But that didn’t stop me from trying to learn the subjects in my own ways and learning something new, outside academics.

Recently, I’m trying out watercolor. I bought a gradeschooler’s drawing book to use for practicing because I don’t want to waste watercolor paper on complete noob works like one time, I attempted to draw a mint and chocolate ice cream but I messed up the colors and it looked like wasabi on a cone. But I’m enjoying it.

Just because you don’t do well in school doesn’t mean you don’t have the capability to learn something. In fact, I really believe everyone has that innate capability to learn.

If there was one advice I would give to anyone, it’s to never stop learning something you are interested in or curious of.

What sparks your curiosity? What piques your interest? What is it that usually fill up your mind with questions and drive you to learning?

Whether it’s simple hand-sewing or trying to grasp string theory or making a chocolate soufflé that will bring Gordon Ramsay to tears, go for it! There are tons of resources available at your fingertips.

As the great modern philosopher, Jenna Marbles, once said: “If you have an Internet connection, you no longer have an excuse to be a moron.” Which is saying kinda harshly but you get her point.

Want to learn how to create your own journal, but you think you’re too old? No you’re not!

You want to make your own novel but you don’t know how to start? Ask Google for help.

You want world domination? Haha, nice try. I’m already working on that.

Learning Age limit experience

So whatever it is that you are curious of, dig deeper into that curiosity and see where it will lead you. Because sometimes, curiosity makes the cat smarter. And I promise you, it won’t be a waste of time. 🙂

What are you curious of? Is there something you really want to learn?

Happy learning, awesome peeps! 💃


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