The Appearance Clichés

In my clock, it’s 10:39 in the morning. Wednesday. But I will be making use of the timezone opposite mine where it’s still 10:39 in the evening. I was doing some catching-up with my two best friends yesterday and we spent the entire noon ’til the evening just enjoying each other’s company.

So yeah. That’s why I haven’t been able to write any reviews. So for today, I want to share some questions (and, dare I say it, literary protest) that has been bugging me for a long time now.

Where are the plain brown-eyed heroes and heroines?!

Really. Where are they?!

I’ve been swamped by greens, hazels, greys, so-dark-it’s-almost-black, electric blue, stormy blue, sapphire blue, baby blues. But where is plain. Old. Brown?

You hardly see simple brown-eyed folks in novels when, as I’ve learned in biology, most of the people of the world have brown eyes. I have brown eyes, all of my family do. Most people have brown eyes but where are they in literature?

Are the other eye colors used more because they’re unique? Or more striking? Not ordinary-looking? Sure. Maybe. But now, it feels like a cliché.

Also: wavy haired guys.

It’s abundant in most romance novels or novels with an element of romance. Because, you know, what are the men going to run their fingers through if they become frustrated? What will the heroines fantasize when they are near to their heroes? Right? Right?

But does that mean buzzcut dudes don’t have any place in the heart of readers? How about those with straight hair that looks like coconut husks? (I don’t know what it’s called.)

I mean, sure, I’ve read a lot of supporting characters with buzzcut hair but heroes? Not really.

Do you know any literary heroes or heroines that don’t have appearance clichés?

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday, awesome peeps! 🐙

Edit: Thanks to Simran for dropping a comment. Her awesome post was one of my inspirations to this post but I got lost in the teen tag afterwards so I forgot to come back. Silly Dory brain. 😅 You guys check it out, she mentioned more literary clichés that I bet you’ve all seen in novels! :mrgreen: Cheerios!


16 thoughts on “The Appearance Clichés

    1. You could be a great cheerleader, Hanna 😁
      I think if it’s like relevant to the story, eyecolor changing is fine. But only for the sake of having changing eyecolor? I’ll scream with you.

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