How I Edit My Blog Graphics Using One Mobile App

Happy weekend, everyone! How was your week? I hope well. Mine was more than well but you’re not here to read all about how my mundane week went, right? I thought so. 🙂

Not all of us know how to use Photoshop (or graphic design, in general) and some are too afraid to dive into the learning wagon. Until you know how to, look for easy apps you can use. Because of my special temporary situation, I use a mobile app. And I'll show you how I made the photo above.Earlier this year, I started learning Photoshop. My sister needed it for her design class so I thought, “Eh, why not learn the basics?” So I was starting to create little blog graphics through what I learned, then I discovered Canva which was an easier app to use if I was feeling extremely lazy.

These days, however, because I don’t have my sister’s Photoshop-carrying laptop and the Internet connection here in my grandparents’ house is crappy, I have to find more accessible ways to edit my blog graphics, especially now that I’m being serious with it.

Enter the Phonto mobile app.

I used this app for my Instagram account, back when I still post quotes and snippets of poetry there. But now it’s full of my artworks and other photos that inspire me. You can check it out if you wanna, and I’ll be sure to check out yours 😉

Anyway, I never really made use of the app’s full potential (oh man, that sounds like a line from a sci-fi/fantasy novel!) until recently. As I continued to tweak around, I was enlightened by how amazing this app is! But I guess that’s just typical ole me, loving the self-discoveries.

I just want you all to know that I wasn’t paid by the app developer to do this post. Heck, I’m not even famous so how in the world would they know me? This is a personal discovery and is something I want to share to all of you, with the hopes that this may be, in some way, helpful.

So here’s what I love about Phonto:

+ It’s easy to use.

+ It’s accessible and portable.

+ I can install my own fonts and use plain images or the one I have on my tablet.

I’m going to show you a quick outline on how I use Phonto in editing my blog graphics, using that same image you see above.

First off, I’d choose a background photo. I got this cute image of a rose over a wooden rack from my personal library of gorgeous stock photos. I’ll tell you where I got these stock photos next time. 🙂editing blog graphics (1)

Next, I would add the texts. I wouldn’t add the entire words in one text because I want the flexibility of tweaking the spacing and the sizes later on. Also, I make use of at most two fonts. A typeset and a handwritten/brush font. So I usually add them by word or by line like so.editing blog graphics (2)editing blog graphics (6)

I would choose one text, usually the first one, to have a translucent background while the rest has none. This is to create that box between the text and the background photo. I find that it makes the text more readable that way. Then I would put my blog’s name at the edge, usually in white text color.editing blog graphics (4) editing blog graphics (5)editing blog graphics (7)

That’s it! After some final adjusting, I’m done. I use a landscape photo for the feature image here then I would crop it for the in-post image (this was an invented word, hehe) that I would save in my Pinterest.

This is my go-to app for simple and easy blog graphics and it looks good enough for me. So how about you, guys? What do you use for your blog graphics? Share them below!

Happy editing, awesome peeps! 💃


10 thoughts on “How I Edit My Blog Graphics Using One Mobile App

    1. Same here, if I want to make a huge effort and have something look seamless, I use Photoshop. But for easy editing like these, I use a bunch of mobile apps depending on what’s needed.

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    1. Exactly! It was what appealed to me too 😁 I also like how they have plenty of awesome fonts included but you can install yours as well. I’m glad this helped.

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