Guess Who’s Back from an Impromptu Vacay in Antarctica?

I suck. I know.

I haven’t posted anything for two weeks. Don’t worry, nothing extreme happened to me. I know you guys are all worried for me–What was that? You’re not? Liar. It’s okay, I know some people can’t express their feelings that easily 😉 (and some can’t accept the truth hehe)

Sadly, I didn’t go to Antarctica. Although, I might as well have what with how sucky the Internet connection was last week and how it’s getting freaking cold already. And yes, dear temporal region dwellers, even the tropic dudes like us experience cold.

The connection returned to being stable sometime last week but at the time I thought, “Eh, I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a week already. Might as well add one more.”

And thus, the impromptu week-long vacay started.

I did a lot and reflected on many things these past several days. Some are just new things to learn and some of it are things I’m going to apply to my blog (yes, more changes).

That said, I’ve also decided on changing my blogging schedule. Motivation/inspiration on Mondays still remains but I’m having everything passion-related (bookish, nerdy, etc) on Wednesdays while Saturdays won’t only be for helpful stuff but also creative anything.

I hope you’ll be patient with me as I go through all these changes. And yes, I’ll be back in regular posting next week.

But before that, how are you guys? What are you busy with right now? And for those who just got back to school? How are you? Still hanging there, I hope? Tell me everything! Humor me, I feel like an aunt who came back from a hiking trek in Antarctica. 😂

Happy blogging, awesome peeps! ⛄


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