The Thing with Investing in a Book Series

Oh wow, this is a timely bookish discussion.

For non-Riordan readers out there, I’m talking about the upcoming release of The Hammer of Thor.

I’ve long been open on my seemingly uncompromising love for all books Riordan. And I can say this for all Riordan book fans out there: when reading a new series of Uncle Rick’s, you need a bottomless pit of patience.

Like seriously. A year is too long but I remain to wait because I love the worlds he makes so much.

This is why I don’t usually read unfinished series. Waiting for the next book (usually released after a year) is aggravating. Things can happen during those months:

I would likely forget about it until oh, probably a decade. When I’ll be hit by nostalgia and remember, “Oh this was a great book! …Oh yeah, I haven’t finished the series.”

The appeal would be gone. No excitement at all. Proof? Allegiant. I waited–crap, it actually felt like decades after reading Insurgent that I read the last book of that trilogy. And well…the magic is gone.

I would want to know what’s next, devour the entire series but cannot. Again, aggravating.

Longer than a year and I would likely give up on the series as a whole. Example? My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking. Oh don’t get me started on that one.

I also just finished binge-reading A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury. Books by Sarah J. Maas that, like Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone (my book review here), I avoided like the plague because of the hype. I mean, to me, the hype is a literary plague.

And because I’ve avoided it (and am not an efficient book researcher), I didn’t know until yesterday that I have to wait until freakin’ 2017 for the next book.

But wait. There’s more.

Because I’ve always always assumed trilogy is YA’s thing, of course I thought the next book is the last. And of course I’d been wrong. I have to wait for FOUR MORE BOOKS.

If I assumed right, and annual publishing is any series’s thing, that would mean FOUR YEARS of investing in a series.

God help me I assumed wrong on that.

But four years or less, it wouldn’t matter. Because the bond is complete. I am now bound to this series. And I have become a monster, addicted to its world and would need to feed at least annually until it is done.

Fantasy metaphor aside, I’d really rather read a series on my own time than to read a book in an unfinished series. And so the lesson here is: research some information on the books you plan to read next, Kate.

Would you rather wait for a series to be complete? Or would you rather read the new book as soon as possible?

Happy reading, awesome peeps!📚


3 thoughts on “The Thing with Investing in a Book Series

  1. Haha, I agree xD I hate waiting for the rest of the books in a series to come out, because I usually forget a lot of the series by the time the book comes out. I’m just forgetful like that. xD Did you like a court of thorns and roses? I’ve been thinking about reading it

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    1. Exactly! I torture myself with Riordan’s books and be like, “Okay what happened at the last book again?” before starting the new one xD
      A Court of Thorns and Roses was…not what I expected. Especially on the romance part. It doesn’t feel the typical YA Romance at all (more like New Adult honestly) and I’m still trying to absorb whether that’s a good thing or bad. Still, the world-building was so good and the Beauty and the Beast similarity was there but very subtle. 🙂

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