Autumn Vibes and Experiments

Oh would you look at that. I finally came up of a name less lame than Monthly Drawings. I mean, maybe it’s just me but “Monthly Drawings” just didn’t sit well.


Hey guys!

This month I got seriously inspired in drawing. I was in a “screw it, no theme this month. Let’s experiment!!!” mode.

If you followed me on Instagram (which, if you haven’t, I recommend you to. I spread the love, promise 💜) you might have seen the drawing below. The skin and her top is watercolor and everything else is pen.

Girl Pen and Watercolor Drawing - Plethoric Thoughts

This one below was what I like to call a second chance drawing. This was supposed to be a princess but I was inking this in an incredibly pissed-off mood and her eyes got thicker and thicker. I was so done with it, and just dumped it. But after a while I looked at it again, and thought of making her look like a sorceress instead. Couldn’t think of this drawing as anything else ever since. 🙂

The Sorceress Drawing - Plethoric Thoughts

Remember what I said before about not instantly giving up when things don’t go to plan? That was my hard lesson.

This is the part where I go full experiment-mode. I was having some therapeutic watercoloring when I made these three, all with autumn colors in mind.

Autumn Abstract Microbe Drawing - Plethoric Thoughts
AKA The Microbes (because doesn’t it look like bacteria seen through a microscope)

Autumn Pattern Drawing - Plethoric Thoughts Autumn Abstract Drawing - Plethoric Thoughts

This one is a cute quick doodle with a little coloring. She’s having a hot bath in a cup of tea.

Teacup Girl Drawing - Plethoric Thoughts

These three, on the other hand, was a fun different kind of experiment. I call them The Three Poker-Faced Girls with Umbrellas.

Pink Flamingo Girl Drawing - Plethoric Thoughts Pumpkin Umbrella Girl Drawing Fairy Umbrella Girl Drawing - Plethoric Thoughts

So those are what I made this month! Do you have any favorites? (Hurr😁) Also, for this October, I’m thinking of Halloween-inspired drawings. If you guys have awesome ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Have a happy October, awesome peeps!🍁


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