A Mix of Mixed Media (+ Free Printable!)

Hiya! It’s the last day of the month which means we’re having a look back on the drawings I did this month.

You would think since I didn’t make any post this month that I would have done more drawings than usual, right?

Wrong. So so wrong.

In fact, I made less this month than last month. But I had a perfectly good excuse.

Anyway. Let’s get going.

This one’s a quick doodle. I honestly don’t know where I was going with this. And so it ended up like this.

Girl with Blue Hair

These two I made a few days back. I was so inspired with fashion recently and I can’t help it.

Two Girls Watercolor Drawing

I actually made this around the first few days of the month. And I was so excited because it had been an awfully long time since I made a group drawing in sophisticated poses.

Group Line Art - freebie

It took me almost the entire first two weeks of October to finish the lineart–which is why I didn’t make a lot of drawings in October. When I did finish the lineart, I was so in love with it (just so in love!) that I can’t bring myself to watercolor it. Yet.
So I scanned it, to preserve the lineart in a good enough quality, and I had this amazing idea of sharing the scanned work with you all! 😀

My biggest goal in this blog is to spread creativity, passion and inspiration (to infinity and beyond!) And I think seeing YOU being utterly creative will be just SO exciting!

It would be so amazing to see what you guys could do with the lineart. What colors you choose, the overall mood, and everything awesome! And it would make me so happy.

Whether you’re using crayons, color pencils, charcoals, Tombow pens or even do it digitally with programs like PaintSAI (ooh!), that would be BEYOND amazing!

I want you to feel good; about yourself and your drawing skills. And I find that coloring is a great therapeutic activity. I mean, isn’t that why we’re seeing a lot of “adult” coloring book popping up nowadays?

So! You can download the .PDF file here fo’ free so you can print it and have your artsy way with it. (No sign up whatsoever.) Or you can print the image above itself. Feel free to do whatever creative thing you can come up with. In fact, I insist! 😀

And because I want you to feel good with yourself and your work, don’t be shy to share it! You can link back to this post, tag me in any of my social media accounts (see: sidebar for where you can find me), or email me.

I look forward to the awesome artwork you will create. I might also share some of my favorites here in the blog too! 😉 That said, I’ll see you all in November! *wears rainbow-colored witch’s hat*

Happy creating, awesome peeps! 👻


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