4 Tips When Choosing Fonts for Your Blog (+ 15 Free Fonts You Can Use)

In my high school, there are teachers who make the students create monthly narrative reports. And the narrative reports must be creative (Teacher’s translation to: add some floral borders and use non-boring fonts). Don’t ask me what these reports’ purpose is in our academic growth, until now even I don’t know.

But through these ghastly narrative reports, I found my fascination with fonts.

I realized I’m really really reaaally interested with them. At one point, the boring fonts Microsoft has weren’t enough for me. And I was like, “Well, what if I can find popular fonts like, oh, Disney and Harry Potter?” I end up downloading more than five fonts the first time around.

Fast forward to now. I realize I’m a visual person and I still have weird obsessions with fonts.

Except now, I’m learning a little bit about how to use them in design such as font-pairing and the psychology of fonts. I’m still an amateur at that department so for now, allow me to share a few tips I’ve learned when using fonts in a blog as well as several awesome-looking fonts that are free.

So let’s start, yeah?

4 Tips When Choosing Fonts for Your Blog (+ 15 Free Fonts You Can Use) | Having trouble choosing fonts for your blog? Perhaps you’re looking for awesome-looking ones you can use for free? I have both over here! Click on to read ;)

Tip #1: Choose at most three fonts

Have you noticed how your favorite big bloggers always use the same set of fonts every-freakin-where? Take Cait of Paper Fury, for example. In all her blog graphics, she uses the same font, Montserrat.

They do this to create cohesion in their overall blog design. It just looks cleaner to only have a couple of fonts rather than dozens of different fonts for different aspects of your blog.

Tip #2: Choose fonts you won’t easily get tired of

Since you’re keeping it to at most three fonts, you have to choose ones that you won’t easily get fed up with. This keeps you from changing your font all the time. If you want to change your current fonts to new ones you’ve recently chosen, my suggestion is to let these new fonts “sit in” for a while.

Create your header image using the new fonts, make a “passage” from a blog post. See if they’re better than your old fonts or not. And if they are, that’s when you actually change what you have in your blog.

Tip #3: Keep the “feel” of your blog in mind

Remember when I talked about color palettes and I asked you to think about the kind of atmosphere you want your blog to have? Well, knowing your blog’s atmosphere will also help in choosing the right font for your blog.

Related: Choosing the Right Color Palette for Your Blog

I mentioned about the psychology of fonts and although I still don’t have a complete grasp on it myself, don’t you get a certain feeling when looking at a certain font? I mean, look at the iconic Disney font. Isn’t it friendly and fun-looking? And it gives off that child-friendly feeling, right?

Like what you did with your color palette, if you try to come up with what atmosphere you want your blog to have, you can use this when looking for the right font for you.

Tip #4: Try to avoid “trendy” fonts that have been overly used

Maybe you’re asking, “But aren’t brush fonts trendy these days, Kate?”

Yes they are, but there are some brush fonts that aren’t overly used. Another reason why I ditched Brusher was because I’ve seen it everywhere already. Heck, I even saw a promotional video of a local movie that used the very same Brusher font for its title.

You want it to be memorable as well as readable, especially if it is also the font you’ll be using for your header image.

That said, I’ve listed below 15 awesome-looking fonts you can use for free and where you can download them.


1 Bromello

2 Magnolia Sky

3 Shorelines Script

4 Remachine Script

5 Sprightly

6 Master of Break

7 Sophia

8 English Essay

9 Hensa

free sans serif fonts

10 Montserrat

11 Raleway

12 Caviar Dreams

13 Nexa

14 Quicksand

15 Coves

And if none of these appeal to you, you can look for more fonts in the following sites:

Font Bundles – my go-to for font shopping. They have a beautiful array of free fonts and every week, they have a premium font that’s free for a week! Their premium fonts that are Free Font of the Week can be used commercially too!

Creative Market – this place is like the heaven for me. They offer tons of different graphics, mockups, stock photos and even fonts! The available products aren’t as expensive as what you’ll find elsewhere. In fact, if you’re lucky, you can get a great bundle of graphics for a couple of bucks! Of course, if you can’t afford that, or feel it’s too impractical at the moment, they offer 6 freebies every week.

Behance – Try searching for free fonts on Behance. In fact, I found Sophia and Hensa (see: above) by doing this exact thing.

Google Fonts – This is Ze Old Google. They have free fonts here as well as further information about the font.

Since today is the last Saturday of January, I will get back to posting other helpful posts and creative posts next month. I can guarantee, though, that I’ll try to have at least one blog-related post every month onwards. But I’m also excited to get back to making Create with Me posts next month. (Yeeee!)

Thank you so much for reading the blogging help posts this January! I hope you found them helpful. 🙂 I’ll definitely discuss some of the subtopics extensively in future posts. So if there’s something blog-related you want me to talk about, please don’t hesitate on commenting below or emailing me.

Happy blogging, awesome peeps!



15 thoughts on “4 Tips When Choosing Fonts for Your Blog (+ 15 Free Fonts You Can Use)

    1. Hi Bern! I linked each font to a site that allows you to download it for free. Now if you want to use it as a font for the post’s title or the content itself, unfortunately I don’t think that’s doable in free plan. Unless the font’s available in WordPress itself like Montserrat or Roboto. (See: Customizer)
      If you want to use it on your sidebar, blog graphics and even on the subheadings of a post, you can be creative and use Photoshop or MS paint and upload the image.
      Like what I did in the “Hello, awesome person!” there in my sidebar? That’s actually an image I simply inserted 😊
      I hope that answered your question. And if there’s more that I can help you with, please don’t hesitate on emailing me 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Marioness! I actually have a template in Photoshop that I use for all my posts’ featured images. All my graphics are made with Photoshop. But you can also use Canva, if Photoshop seem daunting for now. It’s very user-friendly and they have beautiful fonts and layouts available for free 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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