Beautiful Is Tag | Tag Tuesday

The ever amazing Kiya of Flawed Silence created this tag and nominated me. And I am honored to be able to spread this inspiring tag further.

Before I start, I want you all to go read on this post by Kiya. Here, she shares her purpose for creating the tag and it’s an amazing purpose.

Beautiful Is Tag | Probably one of my longest tag post evar. But I don’t regret it. This one’s BEAUTIFUL you guys!


1) Link back to Kiya’s post in your introduction so the awesome peeps you nominate can get a brief context of the tag (and be inspired by her wonderful words <3)

2) Thank your nominee. Manners people ;P

3) Answer the questions

(Gotta be honest, though. These were some tough questions to answer. And I thought Elm’s Uniquely Me Tag was tough. But they’re both sooo good! I can now conclude that the best tags are those that are tough to create. Because they require you to dig deep into yourself and look for the great qualities that you have. Which is why these tags are so amazing since we all need the reminder sometimes. And  the best person to remind us is ourselves, yeah?)

4) Tag anyone – no limit on numbers

5) Let them know.

6) Tag it as beautifulistag so Kiya can read them all!

7) Comment I am beautiful at the end of your post (because you are :))



What is your definition of beautiful?

For me, beautiful lies beyond outside aesthetics. Beautiful is anything that can move the heart and rock the beholder’s core.

What do you find beauty in? (Abstract or concrete ideas)

I find beauty in many things, actually. Ever since last year, I’ve decided to find beauty in the things around me. It was a little exercise that I created for myself amidst all the horrible things that happened in 2016.

I see beauty in visual artworks all the time. I see it in words woven with the heart by amazing wordsmiths. And in the most unexpected places. Like I do this thing when I’m in public transport and I’m listening music; I’d watch all the people walking in the sidewalk and I’d try to look for someone who would synchronize with the beat of the song I’m listening to. It’s fun 😀

When you think of beautiful, what are the first four things or words that come to mind?

The sky, the world, colors, and love.

A song, quote or lyric that you think sums up beauty perfectly

My mind, thinking it’s hilarious, immediately thought of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” And I’m like “That doesn’t sum beauty up perfectly! Honestly, brain!”

I honestly can’t think of any song that could sum up beauty perfectly but “The Transformation” by the Bulgarian Women’s Choir which is featured in Brother Bear and Joe Hisaishi’s “One Summer’s Day” from Spirited Away are close. It’s not the lyrics because the former is in Inuit and the latter is a soundtrack. But more on their melodies.

Tell us seven reasons why you are beautiful

❤ I try to see the good things while acknowledging the bad

❤ I try to be a decent person

❤ I can make up bizarre back stories from things I passed by

❤ I find life lessons in the most unexpected, eyebrow-raising places. You know, like Scrabble. I remember back when this was Plethoric Thoughts, I used to write about something random and I’ll share the lesson I learned from it. But I had a content purge a while back so I’m not sure if they’re still around.

❤ I am a walking contradiction. I can be messy and want order, I can be pessimistic and optimistic. And that’s okay because then I can try to understand the different perspectives of things 🙂

❤ I am the daughter of the village chief – just kidding. I’m listening to music and that line came out just as I was about to write “I am”. On that note, my humor comes out randomly; that’s another reason.

❤ I love many things. Ultimate fangirl, remember?

Tell us about a time someone made you feel beautiful. How did it make you feel?

Okay. This one’s kinda unusual. For me physical compliments only touch the surface. Whenever someone tell me, “You’re pretty” or “You look good” or some other, I’m just like “Oh. Thanks haha!” But when someone compliments my work, that’s what flatters me. (I mean, Kiya, why do you think I always melt with your multi-compliments?? :D)

I remember a classmate of mine in high school saw me doodling on something with a pen and he said, “Wow, it looks like it’s printed.” That kinda made me feel all fluttery because it was a traditional one and a casual doodle I didn’t even thought too much of.

If you had to draw beautiful, how would it look?

It’s hard, surprisingly. Beautiful is such an abstract thing. I’m already having a hard time finding words that give “beauty” justice.

My first thought is having the canvas full of colors, every kind of colors. But when I put brush on paper (and believe me, I did try) it was this hot mess.

Maybe if I’ll have more time to ponder through it, I’ll create something. Maybe 😉

When was the last time you highlighted someone’s beauty to them?

Yo Kiya. Remember my balloon email for this tag? Yep that. 😀

Basically folks, I just told the awesome maker of this tag that it’s as beautiful as her heart. ❤

The Beautiful People I Nominate:

Kiya @ Flawed SilenceOther than I think you are a beautiful soul (and you are and so much more), I really really reaaaally want to see your answers to your own questions! 😀

Rebecca @ Hopelessly Strong Rebecca, you are one of the most genuine and strongest people I know. I am honored to be at the place where you reveal such a vulnerable side of yourself and always at awe at how you continue to be hopeful and strong in life. You are beautiful ❤

Steph @ Scale it SimpleYou never fail to inspire me with your posts. I love how you share other people’s blog posts in Twitter because I’m also able to find someone new to find inspiration from. Also, your blog parties rock! I’ve met so many wonderful people because of them. Thank you!

Ignited MothI feel happy to have met you and found your blog through one of Steph’s blog parties. 🙂 You make such wonderful and insightful comments and I’m always excited to read them.

Hannah GraceYou lovely human being, Hannah! I’m also grateful to have met you and found your blog through one of Steph’s blog parties. Your words are as beautiful you are ❤ (PS I’m still not over your amazing Valentine’s Day post. I don’t think I ever will!)

You – Because you are. But maybe you need a reminder from yourself of all the wonderful qualities you have that make you beautiful. Here’s a little push ❤

I am beautiful 🙂 And yes, other than the smiley emoji, I am smiling.

Keep smiling, beautiful peeps! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Beautiful Is Tag | Tag Tuesday

  1. AW KATE KATE KATE I’M A PUDDLE ON THE FLOOR – YOU’VE MELTED ME SO MUCH WITH YOUR KINDNESS YOU BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL SOUL. And yessss I remember that email – all caplocks no chill 😂😂 your definition of beautiful is just so touching – I love it so much. And ah I have so many things to comment on that I’m afraid I’ll forget something :/ I too imagine streaks of colours on a canvas and your humour always makes me smile! And a walking contradiction ay twinning girl! Yes I get you, when people actually comment on abstract ideas regarding you it’s just like pow my heart can’t take your compliments! And I can’t handle your artsy works without going into fangirl mode ;p thank you so much for completing this tag! And for tagging me 😂😂 love you xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “All capslock no chill” you should make yourself a banner for that 😂😂 Your essay comments never fail to make me smile and ohmigosh we should really list down all the things we are twinning! Love you too you awesome human ❤


  2. Ahhhh! This tag was soooo good ❤ Your sense of humour and lovely presence always leaps out at me, but especially in this post! You are such a beautiful, wonderful person and I am so glad I have met you through this ❤ Thanks for all you have done to inspire and enlighten me ❤ You are the most deserving person I have met of this tag and your answers were lovely ❤ I am truly honoured and humbled by what you have said about me and the fact you have tagged me, so thank you! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a lovely (or should I say beautiful?) tag! ❤ I really enjoyed reading the answers you posted. I'm really happy we found each other's blogs through that blog party, too! It's been awesome chatting with you and getting to read your posts and find so much inspiration in them. I love your outlook on the world and life in general. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Making you smile at ANY time is already a big achievement of the day on my part 🙂 I’m so happy to have found your blog and commented about Once Upon A Time in one of your posts! Thank YOU too for continuing to inspire me!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. YES ME TOO!!! I don’t think I can ever see anything ugly in nature. Even the most unusual-looking animal for me looks beautiful 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Chloe!


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