“Oh look! A unikitty!”

Hello, you awesome person, you!

My name is Kate, the heart + soul (+ awkward body) behind All the Trinkets.

I’m in my late teens and currently in my third year in college. So yes, like any other college student, I stay up late at night either studying for my majors or thinking about what in the world I’m gonna do with my life.

But then a lot of people do that too, right?


I’ve decided recently that I was not going to fuss about how I don’t have anything figured out anymore. (More on that here.) That I want to be fully present with my now. So I started by making time for my creative hobbies, one of which is blogging.

All the Trinkets is a creative blog with a dash of lifestyle. It’s parts art, fangirling, motivational, and always filled with life lessons and weird analogies. It started out as my venting place for all things I’m bitter about around two years ago but like my cute little cactus Watson, my blog has grown to be something more than that.

It’s my virtual home.

My creative outlet.

And most importantly, it’s my channel to connect with awesome peeps who also want to have more fulfilling lives of their own filled with creativity, passion and inspiration. Because these are what my little online space is all about.

I mean, if we’re working on creating happier, more inspired lives, we might as well do it together, yeah? Yeah!

That said, I hope you’ll find my little adventures, crazy creative projects and life tips helpful and inspiring. 🙂

Have an awesome day, awesome peeps!

get-in-touchread-the-blogsee-my-worksP.S. You can also reach out to me through social media. Don’t be shy, I always reply! 😉

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41 thoughts on “About

    1. Oh gosh, thank you so much! I feel flattered, I’m so glad you love them 🙂 ❤ I'll have to check out your blog real soon, that "Very Punny" title is very tempting 😄😄

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          1. *screams in horror* NEVER HEARD OF DEVIL-UNICORNS?! Well, devil-unicorns look like your typical chubby, harmless rainbow-farting unicorns, until you get closer and observe the malicious intent in their sparkly eyes and the swishing devil’s tail hidden in their puffs of tails…

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  1. You know, being your friend since high school, i have known you long enough to know that you have a wide vocabulary. I don’t even need other people to give testimonies to prove my statement since you’ve been showing off [i don’t mean this the bad way] here. Blah3x and a lot more blahs. Anyway, my point is: don’t limit your replies to those who commented with “thank you”. Yeah. That’s all, biatch! x

    Liked by 1 person

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